Peggy Noonan Wins Pulitzer Prize for Commentary…

…and she didn’t offer to share it with us after all we have done for her!

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7 Responses to Peggy Noonan Wins Pulitzer Prize for Commentary…

  1. Retiredeng says:

    First there was “Drunk History” and now “Drunk Commentary”? We’re sinking into the rabbit hole faster and faster.


  2. Kandace says:

    Hope Miss Peggy remembers to thank the bottle of gin that contributed to her success.


  3. tommyspoon says:

    “What’s the name of that architect?

    “Uul Oooloo.”


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Is there a trophy? Can it hold a celebratory Mai Tai?


  5. Dear Pulitzer Committee,

    The trophy, really just a trinket, but a trinket bearing the love of my fellow journalists, reminding of the love I have for the great men, the movers of history, the men like Ronald Reagan, manly, and strong. The medal touches me; next to my string of pearls, once bestowed upon me by one of the great men. Though it cost him dearly, professionally and emotionally, he felt my efforts as a true helpmeet needed to be graced by a trinket bearing love.

    The medal, bearing the image of Franklin, one of the fathers at our founding, on one side, and a printing press, elegantly machined, so very rhythmic, back, and forth, in, and out and in, hypnotic as it shares the thoughts of the great manly men, abeted by those who listen, and share. The sweat from the printer’s brow glistening, much as condensation from a wine glass. To even have been allowed in the presence of the great leaders, the world movers, of my time, I have to believe that I deserve the laurels, though to be proper I will say that so many also deserved to be touched by this affection, this affectation.

    Thank you, my friends; though my heart be long gone, remembered only by pearls, I shall always hold this badge as one of the truths, as one of the pillars both keeping me grounded, and allowing prose to soar. In the words of one of the great men, I may now reach out and touch his face.

    Bless you and bless us, everyone,

    Dame Peggington Nooningtonstershire

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  6. they will give a prize to any old hack wont they
    what next – a Nobel Peace Prize for Assad – it is about the same as Peggers getting a Pulitzer for writing. I hope she is sitting at Ronnie’s grave sharing her good fortune


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