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And in case you don’t want to watch it, Alex Jones/InfoWars says that the gas attack in Syria was a false flag (by the US Deep State) to draw us into war.

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  1. Karla says:

    I really don’t want to watch it. But does he say why the “deep state” wants to go to war? I’m confused.

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  2. 9thousandfeet says:

    So does Ron Paul, whose district I managed to survive in for almost 25 years. Enough said about that.

    I think the chances of Trump lasting the full 4 years just jumped up from very iffy to damn near certain.
    He blew some shit up, so, you know, he’s presidential now, he’s decisive. He’s a leader.

    I’m sure all those Trump voters who went his way because they hated the idea of that warmongering neocon Hillary Clinton being president will be here shortly to crow about how we sure dodged that fucking bullet, eh?

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    • C Montgomery Burns says:

      Just like the State of the Union speech made him ‘presidential’, for 23.5 hours that is.
      Wait till the nutty tweets.


  3. jimbobarebob says:

    Ten, I hate Alex Jones also. But whenever anyone uses the “conspiracy theory” dog whistle, I get pissed. Conspiracies happen all the time. I could name dozens. [Tengrain was here: edited for brevity]…Just because Alex Jones would agree with this, doesn’t make it wrong. I would think you should understand how the deep state has been working since/before the Monroe doctrine.

    Jimbobarebob –

    I don’t believe in the agency part of conspiracy theories. We do know that the administration was well aware that an attack was coming and that it was going to involve planes. It is part of the historical record that they turned a blind eye to it. Perhaps they even wanted something to happen. But I do not believe even for a moment that they actually planned it. They didn’t have to. And I think that they were caught off guard by the enormity and destruction of 9/11.

    I draw the distinction that there’s plenty of evidence that some amoral people, Dick Cheney for instance, was opportunistic following the 9/11 attack. I don’t think that he planned 9/11, but I do think he took advantage of it with his PNAC pals and the well-known plans that they had drawn up previously. There were waiting for an excuse.

    I don’t think we’re that far apart, or at least we can agree on some aspect of conspiracy theories, but I cannot go so far as to say that America gassed Syrians. I just cannot.



  4. jimbobarebob says:

    I didn’t listen to AJ (because he turns my stomach) so I didn’t know he said that we did it. But the opposition would have plenty of reason to do it. Assad would have plenty of reasons NOT to. Assad turned in many tons of chemicals the last time around. And, I will add that we are the biggest stockpilers and suppliers of chemical weapons in the world (remember Saddam used out sh*t aginst the Kurds. Not to mention landmines, depleted uranium, etc. I’ve been in too many places where the US has done horrible thing to civilian populations. Nicaragua, during the Contra wars. Haiti, any time. Bosnia during that catastrophe. Korea. The problem is that too many good people think that America is just too darn good to do these terrible things. I can make lists, but I’m sure you know this stuff. Plausible deniability is so easy for us to access.


  5. jimbobarebob says:

    P.S., If they “turned a blind eye” they were criminally complicit in the “agency.” They got their new Pearl Harbor. Not happy that you edited out the 9/11-false-flag part of my argument. Like the Kennedy and King assassinations, this is all a part of the fabric of our Deep, corporate, military and security State.


    • tengrain says:

      Jimbobarebob – OK, here’s your full comment.

      “Ten, I hate Alex Jones also. But whenever anyone uses the “conspiracy theory” dog whistle, I get pissed. Conspiracies happen all the time. I could name dozens. Enron. But nobody called it a conspiracy. Cops conspire to potect their own, etc.. So the gas attack in Syria COULD have been a false flag perpetrated by any one (or many) of the opposition groups. The MSM which you despise have continued to tell us that it was Assad. Maybe. But just as likely (in fact, because of Trump, more likely), it was a false flag. Norman Mailer said of 9/11, that he wasn’t a conspiracy theorist, but if he was, it made sense, because they got everything they wanted. Not a quote, but close. I believe 9/11 was a false flag because of Mailer’s conclusion. Syria is happening because of 9/11. And Iraq. And Afghanistan. And Trump’s evil military budget. In addition, there is an ever-growing mountain of evidence (much of it scientific), that 9/11 wasn’t solely the result of a bunch of crazed Arabs who couldn’t fly a tilt-a-wheel at Coney Island bringing down the greatest nation in the world with box cutters. Just because Alex Jones would agree with this, doesn’t make it wrong. I would think you should understand how the deep state has been working since/before the Monroe doctrine.”

      Jimbobarebob, you are new around here (I think?) and so you probably don’t know that two people on board the plane that crashed in PA were friends and acquaintances of mine, so I take the 9/11 Conspiracy stuff very personally. And as long as I am disclosing stuff, Ambassador Chris Stevens was a friend of mine from high school. I take this shit personally. I have to.


      • jimbobarebob says:

        My very sincere sympathy for your losses. I did not know any of those who died personally, but I did travel by bus to NYC for the 10th anniversary. I carried a sign which said: We Honor the Victims by Learning the Truth. I was approached by many people, several of who had lost friends and loved ones. One was an on-duty policeman who told me that lots of his buddies knew that the cover story was a lie. Thanks for reposting my comment. I’m sorry if It has caused you pain. If you have any interest in continuing this discussion, it might be best to do it by email. Mine (as you can see) is BTW, I’ve been gratefully following MPS for years, and commenting now and then (always calling you by your first…number). Thanks for your integrity and for all the good you do.


  6. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Many, many years ago there was a Sarin gas attack on/in the Japanese subway system.
    My dear old pater snorted and said “Why didn’t they just blame it on the dog?”

    That sort of sums up my childhood.


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