No D’uh, Really?

I’m more amused than appalled that the Reich Wing is trying to vindicate Hair Führer’s claim that he was spied upon by screaming that Susanne Rice (a WOMAN of COLOR! …and the national security advisor) asked to know who the Russians were communicating with. One would think that was part of her job.

Shocked, am I.

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2 Responses to No D’uh, Really?

  1. roket says:

    Job Duties. What are they and how do they work? Stay tuned next week when our topic will be ‘SOPs and do we really need them?’.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Framing again. His base won’t hear that she asked to see who the Russians were talking to, they will here that she was butting into the Trump campaign by asking to see the dirt on Trump and his people.
    so how to frame this so ‘those people’ can unnerstand? Not a good idea to compare it to one of those cameras on the traffic lights that picks up anyone running the red. No one really likes getting a traffic ticket from a robot. Maybe compare it those stings that bust prostitutes with actual johns instead of cops pretending? Probably, though, they’ll identify with the johns and blame those sluts for needlessly getting the johns in trouble, or for leading their men astray.
    I have a thought – compare it to immigration checks. If you are looking for, say, visitors with expired visas and turn up paperless immigrants, isn’t that a win? If you check people at the border for traffic violations and find someone running from assault charges, isn’t that a win? There are people here who are a lot better at presentation, but we already see that Trump supporters hate welfare (for ‘those’ people), immigrants (of ‘those’ colors) and taxes.
    (remember the IRS kerfuffle? how dare they review applications for non-profit status! How dare they take their reduced-to-starvation-levels workforce and find a way to wade through the work load more quickly! But I just never saw it pointed out bigly that the IRS workforce had been vastly reduced and their workload – had not.)


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