Happy Monday – The Jokes Write Themselves

When we learned late last night that Fratsputin, Jared Kushner, was in Iraq:

…and the always classic MPS line:

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5 Responses to Happy Monday – The Jokes Write Themselves

  1. roket says:

    Is our Senior White House Advisors learning?

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  2. cat copeland says:

    Is there anyone with 2 brain cells think that Idiot In Chief wrote a book. He’s incapable of speaking in coherent sentences let along put them to paper. Of course, I haven’t opened it, so it might be all blank pages. The only thing dTrumph has to do with this book is having someone put HIS name on it. “Making America Great Again”, catchy!


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Notice how the expressions on the book covers are similarly cheerful.


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    They should have sent his ass to Iraq fourteen years ago.


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