The Empirics* Strikes Back!

The Freedom Caucus Strikes Back!

The assorted waterheads and mouthbreaters in the Freedom Caucus are not taking the taunts of the Mango Menace sitting down, and so they are now tweeting back at Hair Führer:

This is turning out to be quite entertaining, it’s like watching a playdate with a roomful of 2-year olds.

*a person who, in medicine or other branches of science, relies solely on observation and experiment.
• a quack doctor.

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One Response to The Empirics* Strikes Back!

  1. MDavis says:

    Let’s see – costly Obamacare regs driving up cost of insurance. Would that be the regs requiring insurance companies to offer coverage for pre-existing conditions? The regs eliminating lifetime benefit caps? Maybe the regs that require some kind of “coverage” in exchange for their purchase via premiums?



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