Past Performance Indicates Future Performance

It’s the mantra of HR Departments everywhere, amiright? That and “Don’t sue us!”

Anyway, it comes to mind as we await two big things this week:

  1. A week of the Fourth Reich trying to get their agenda enacted without The Russian Usurper Tweeting his fool head off and destroying their momentum, and
  2. A fawning press breathlessly telling us that the Orange Menace is finally pivoting to being preznintial. Again.

So here’s the roadmap for this week according to Mike ‘Payola’ Allen at Axios’ morning email thingie (unsourced as always):

  • White House officials tell me that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross met with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago this weekend to walk POTUS through an aggressive trade agenda for the coming weeks, including five executive orders that are slated to begin rolling out this week.
  • Thursday night is the epic House vote on health care. The votes aren’t there yet, but a Republican lobbyist tells me Speaker Ryan had to be The Gambler: “It was either call the hand, or fold.”
  • And today at 11 a.m. is the start of an expected four days of Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Opponents admit it was a savvy pick that already looks like a win for the White House.

Meanwhile, Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie tells us that this week:

THE WHITE HOUSE’S SALES JOB — The White House is putting on the full court press ahead of the House health care vote. TODAY: President Trump and HHS Secretary Tom Price are meeting with GOP leadership. Price will also meet with conservative movement leaders and a think tank roundtable. Trump is traveling to Louisville, Kentucky, to hold a health care rally with Sen. Mitch McConnell (McConnell’s op-ed in the Louisville Courier Journal TUESDAY: Price is slated to meet with key industry and stakeholder groups and participate in an NFIB tele-townhall. WEDNESDAY: Trump is attending a “women in health care” roundtable hosted by CMS Administrator Seema Verma and Price will speak at the weekly Americans for Tax Reform meeting.

…so as you can see if the mango-hued shit-gibbon can keep his tiny digits off of his Android phone, and if the tri-fecta of Wingnuttia, the New Confederacy, and Y’all Qaeda can somehow or other get these shit sandwiches served, then Chuck Todd and the rest of the complicit media can dust off their pivot stories from the morgue drawer.

My bet: Trump is gonna tweet. And here is what I think will set him off (Tiger Beat again):

THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR — “Comey confronts an angry Congress: The FBI director testifies Monday as members of both parties accuse him of being less than forthcoming about Russia-related probes,” by Austin Wright and Martin Matishak: “He upended the presidential election – twice. Now Democrats are pinning their hopes on the man many of them blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss to deliver a major blow to Donald Trump’s credibility. FBI Director James Comey is set to face probing questions Monday about Russia’s involvement in the presidential election at a highly anticipated public appearance before the House Intelligence Committee.

“He’s expected to be asked to confirm or deny the existence of criminal investigations into Trump or his campaign aides over ties to Moscow, though several committee members said Comey will likely decline to comment because doing so could undermine active probes. Key lawmakers in both parties say they will demand that the FBI director clear up, once and for all, Trump’s explosive claim that President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower in the run-up to the election, according to interviews with more than a half-dozen members of the intelligence panel.”

Even before I hit publish, the twit-twat in chief is going non-linear, and DAMMIT HE WILL FIND THE STRAWBERRIES!!1!

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5 Responses to Past Performance Indicates Future Performance

  1. roket says:

    Eventually, constantly yelling squirrel turns out to be the same as crying wolf. The twit is becoming predictable.


  2. Jim says:

    Reince, you may tell the White House staff for me that there are four ways of doing things in this Administration: The right way, the wrong way, the Bannon way, and my way. They do things my way, and we’ll get along. Now run along, Fox and Friends is up.


  3. osirisopto says:

    I’m sure the FBI will find there is no connection by Trump to Russia. All his connections are to Aissur and their glorious leader Nitup.


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