Activism: Failed Leadership and What You Need To Do About It

I’ve said many times, the reason we are in the position we are is because of the failed leadership of the Democratic party.

For thirty odd years the DLC Moderate Republicans doing a bad impersonation of liberal politicians have been running the DNC and they’ve driven it into the ditch.

Donald Trump is in office because of their failed leadership.

The Problem

From C&l…

How To Defeat Steve King– Make Sure Kim Weaver Beats Him

Maybe you got an email filled with outrage over Steve King’s latest racist statement this week. The DCCC sent one out, asking for contributions. There’s a problem with that though. Steve King isn’t just some loud-mouthed crackpot and bigot; he’s an actual congressman from western Iowa. And, the DCCC won’t use the contributions they solicit to beat Republican Steve King. They’ll waste the contributions trying to elect even more Blue Dog and New Dem garbage-crats like Josh Gottheimer (NJ) and Tom O’Halleran (AZ), on whom they spent $3.5 million and $2.6 million, respectively.

Last year there was a progressive Democrat running against Steve King, the O’Brien County Democratic Party chairwoman, Kim Weaver. The DCCC collected a lot of money by sending out e-mails telling Democrats how horrible Steve King is then, too. How much of the money collected for IA-04 did the DCCC give Kim? ZERO. They did absolutely nothing to help her at all.

They did absolutely nothing to help her at all.

At. All.

The Consequences (in brief)

I cannot say this forcefully enough – we are in the position we are with a crumbling infrastructure, idiots, whack-jobs and buffoons in positions of power all over the country and risking starting WW3 because we allowed the DLC to lead us to this destruction.

The Solution

We – you and I, our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends, lovers, families and acquaintances are the backbone of the Democratic party.

It is our responsibility to take control of our party away from the people who are destroying it before our very eyes and put it in the hands of people we trust.

Stop bitching about it and do something.
Stop passively accepting the destruction of our lives, our society and our land, be adults, take responsibility and do something about it.


The people most anxious to speak your mind, and who will do so most forcefully are DLC Republican.

A Call To Action

Follow this link. Drill down in your state. Whatever you do don’t give them money.

Giving them money only rewards their failed leadership and betrayals of our ideals.

Don’t sign up for their newsletter. That doesn’t do anything. You’re probably never going to read it, and will unsubscribe in three months after you get sick of being treated like an ATM.

  • You need to find when and where the next DNC event near you will be held, go there and speak out for leftist and liberal values.
  • Demand action that is in your own best interest.
  • Vociferously support people who speak out for leftist and liberal ideals – in the real world.
  • Volunteer and become a leader in your community, unseat a DLC operative Republican and help us regain control of our country.


  • If you want to give a candidate money, don’t send it to the DNC.
  • Find someone who you personally support and contribute to their campaign directly.

Not doing something ensures more politicians like Joe Lieberman, Steve King and Pete Sessions will continue to ruin our lives.


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7 Responses to Activism: Failed Leadership and What You Need To Do About It

  1. Ali Redford says:

    We can have it if we want it. The more of us there, are, the easier it will be.

    I sure appreciate you doing all this, Osirisopto!

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  2. buckobear says:

    Exactly ! I only contribute to my LOCAL Democratic Party organization. Keep the money where it will do the most goom.

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  3. wallacehenrya says:

    Bait & switch!

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  4. Pupienus Maximus says:

    Fuck, I hate being reminded of the Democratic Losership Council all the time.


    • osirisopto says:

      Same here, but every time I see the R’s majority, the R’s dominance of our state legislatures, the Russian Puppet, or anyone saying how great a pres H. Clinton would have been I can’t help but think of them, and the welfare reform act of 1996.


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