Trump Air

Trump’s Airforce One

We’ve said for a while that the Infrastructure Plan (if it exists at all) is going to be selling off swathes of assets, including airports. The first step? Sell off the FAA:

President Donald Trump is calling for privatizing the nation’s air traffic control operations in his budget proposal, a top priority of the airline industry.

The proposal says spinning off air traffic operations from the Federal Aviation Administration and placing them under an “independent, non-governmental organization” would make the system “more efficient and innovative while maintaining safety.”

Airlines have been lobbying vigorously for the change, saying the FAA’s NextGen program to modernize the air traffic system is taking too long and has produced too few benefits. Industry officials say that privatization would remove air traffic operations from the uncertainties of the annual congressional budget process, which have hindered the FAA’s ability to make long-term procurement commitments.

So as the mechanism to route air travel becomes privatized, do you wonder if that trip to the small second or third tier city/airport will be delayed to accommodate the bigger carriers, you know, since they will now have Profit and Loss statements to motivate them?

Oh, and thinking about taking the train instead? The budget eliminates all Amtrak longhaul routes, which are often (23 states) the only mass transit, even between cities:

“It’s ironic that Trump’s first budget proposal undermines the very communities whose economic hardship and sense of isolation from the rest of the country helped propel him into office,” noted National Association of Railroad Passengers President Jim Mathews in a statement blasting the Trump regime’s plans.

Fly-over states will be more than a cliché, it will become a policy.

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6 Responses to Trump Air

  1. roket says:

    Which will be higher, the take-off fees or the landing fees. I’m going with landing fees.


  2. Jim says:

    “Non-governmental organizations” are normally non-profits as well. But the real problem with privatization is that the risk of regulatory capture goes way up and controls against lack of accountability and transparency are greatly weakened. The problem of funding uncertainty is also not resolved with privatization since no regulatory agency relies entirely on service fees; FAA, LLC would still require Congressional grants or it would shrink drastically.


  3. another kiwi says:

    Yo just know that some skezoid like Inhofe is going to be behind this so’s he can land his damn plane wherever the hell he wants to.


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Making America great again, one crash at a time.


  5. JTO says:

    I would LOVE to get me a public service contract for pennies on the grand. I don’t need the FAA, but maybe an arson, I mean fire department or protection racket, I erm, no wait that’s a police department . . . maybe just a small tract of land, like Wyoming? Ok, ok – two pennies per thousand. That’s my offer.


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