Drain the Swamp, Cont.

More Appointments for the Swamp

CNN Money:

  • Trump’s latest Goldman hire is Jim Donovan, a two-decade veteran of the Wall Street bank, who was nominated to the No. 2 position at the Treasury Department on Tuesday.
  • This week, Trump also reassigned former Goldman Sachs partner Dina Powell to the more prominent role of deputy national security adviser for strategy, a senior administration official told CNN.
  • Trump also nominated Jay Clayton, a high-powered lawyer who represented Goldman Sachs, to be the next leader of the SEC, which is responsible for rooting out financial crime. Clayton advised Goldman on its government bailout and his wife Gretchen works at the bank as a private wealth adviser.

The Hill:

  • President Trump on Thursday nominated a top Boeing executive to be the second-highest-ranking civilian at the Pentagon.Trump announced Patrick Shanahan’s nomination to be deputy Defense secretary, along with nominations for five other Pentagon roles, beginning to fill offices that have sat empty since his inauguration… Shanahan has been Boeing’s senior vice president for supply chain and operations since April. In that role, he’s responsible for the company’s manufacturing operations and supplier management functions.

(I love this part: “Trump previously owned stock in Boeing. A spokesman said in December that he’d sold it but offered no proof. “)

  • Trump on Thursday also nominated David Joel Trachtenberg to be principal deputy under secretary of Defense for policy.Trachtenberg is the president and CEO of Shortwaver Consulting, a national security consultancy. He was formerly principal deputy assistant secretary of Defense for international security policy and a staff member with the House Armed Services Committee.
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2 Responses to Drain the Swamp, Cont.

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Thank god!
    Imagine if it had been that dreadful Crooked Hillary!
    She would have filled those positions with insiders and her Wall Street backers…..oh.
    Never mind.

    One can only wonder how much ‘tribute’ was paid to one of Trump’s phoney shell companies.
    Or Ivankabotts.
    Or….well some of these jokes write themselves.

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  2. roket says:

    Obviously the increase in defense spending will go toward planes trains, & automobiles. Probably really big bombers.


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