Activism: Time To Go To Work

Every time I see something along these lines I’m reminded of how we got here.

From Dkos…

This Modern World: Campaign Flashback

The Problem

We got put in this position because of failed leadership.

That’s right – Failed Leadership.

The Solution

The Fifty State Strategy is the solution. It’s the only hope of a solution.

The Fifty State Strategy relies upon us, the people actively playing the role of the backbone of the Democratic Party.

The Fifty State Strategy relies upon us being active participants in our own governance.

The Fifty State Strategy will overturn the establishment power structure, but only if we individually fill the seats currently filled by DLC operatives – the failed leaders who put us in this position.

The Fifty State Strategy relies on you and me providing leadership to take us in a new direction.

From The Guardian

Bernie Sanders: Despair is not an option

Call these people. Drill down in your state.
Volunteer, become an actively engaged partisan.

You’ll meet people who have crazy ideas, and a world view that is similar to your own.

In other words they might be people you would like to know.


(Cutting edge computer graphics from 1982.)

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4 Responses to Activism: Time To Go To Work

  1. TooDamnedOld says:

    Hey! Don’t laugh at us; we were once cutting edge.

    ; ‘ )

    Plus, SOMEONE had to invent the stuff. Please to see an overview of the “computer” I used to create computer graphics/animation with back in garblegarblegarble…

    P.S. no hair, beard or massive 80s watch shaming, please. We were all young once…


  2. Great post. I am not giving any money to NY Dems or to the DNC, they are all part of the problem as I see it. Definitely call your local and state reps, and get involved. Armchair and point-and-click activism will not do it all. If we do not all get involved in the lifting, there won’t be anything to lift, will there?

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