(UPDATED) The View From Inside 30 Rock

Reminder: Do Not Use This Picture of Trump. Tell a friend. Let’s wipe out the usage of this picture in our lifetimes.

[Our secret Scissorhead inside 30 Rock convinces me that I am being naive about last night’s Maddow show. For obvious reasons, I’m paraphrasing to protect this person’s identity (who has given me permission to use the thrust of the conversation)]

Secret Scissorhead: Trump leaked it, and Maddow fell into the trap. This was a bad move.

TengrainI don’t think it matters if he leaked it or not (I don’t think Trump is capable of thinking in advance); it did the service of reminding us that we still don’t know the depth and breadth of his foreign entanglements, and that he STILL HAS NOT RELEASED HIS TAXES

Secret Scissorhead: I agree, but it was a bad idea and a bad show, it only helped him. It will be called fake news. Maddow fell for it.

TengrainThe only negative I can say is that Maddow should not have tipped it so early: it gave the white house all the time they needed to have something cogent to say, and in effect they scooped her. Also/Too: anyone advising the president would already have a prepared statement for this news eventuality.

Secret Scissorhead: It will be seen as crying wolf. A lot of people inside are confused and angry today, and she was destroyed on Twitter last night.

TengrainThe Crying Wolf does worry me. When I saw the teaser Tweet yesterday, I have to admit the very first thing I thought of was Dan Rather, and I worried she was played.

Secret Scissorhead: She was played. 2 pages of a 1040? There’s nothing to see there. And then she played her audience, and that will hurt her.

TengrainIf Trump is strategic (he’s not, but Bannon is), the next time that there is tax news, the White House is going to play this. That I can guarantee. 

Secret Scissorhead: Trump wouldn’t know a strategy if it bit his tiny hands!

TengrainWho’s the producer of the segment? Political shows should have an campaign manager-type advisor that knows the art of rat-fucking. 

Secret ScissorheadThey are all political producers in house – they should have known better. The more I think about it, the more I think it caused an incredible amount of damage. Trump got a YUGE victory last night. It proves to his fans that he’s just like them: pays ridiculous taxes; they could not care less about where the money is coming from.

TengrainI’m guessing that Chimpy is Trump’s greatest secret fan: “Just a few more tweets, orange boy, and I’m outta the basement!”

Secret Scissorhead: Chimpy is already a step ahead.


UPDATE 1: Told Ya- NBC fuming over Maddow’s Trump tax scoop

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11 Responses to (UPDATED) The View From Inside 30 Rock

  1. neil clayton says:

    Rachel is not likely to have been played by these twats. There will be so much more to come. This was the the most successful year of The Apprentice and most likely the only year Trump has ever made money. There will be follow ups, they might not know it yet, but they picked the wrong girl if they wanted to play someone.


    • tengrain says:

      Neil –


      I still think it refocused everyone on the missing tax returns, which is a good thing. Now will there be more reveals? I hope so.




  2. David Kay Johnston did not seem to think it was ‘fake’; per Rachel the WH confirmned that they were real. So how is this ‘fake news’? ‘Fake News’ is not ‘Something you don’t like’. Trump’s fans would eat it up if he shat in their mouths, so per ‘Secret Scissorhead’ ANY mention of Trump is ‘fake news’ and a Yuuge Victory for him.

    Also Trump was bragging about how little he paid in taxes. This shows that it was, again, a lie.


    • tengrain says:

      Brucedesertrat – The 1040 is real, the part that is going to be framed as fake is the breathless reporting of it.

      And yes, Trump’s fans are already dancing in the streets. They feel like they won and got to make a librul angry, to boot. Check out the right-wing blogs.




  3. So let me get this straight:

    1) Maddow twittles a tweeet, slightly overwrought (essentially “OMG WE HAVE TRUMP’s TAXES!”)
    2) Quickly sorta walks it back (“Uh, 2 pages of 2005 1040. Lulz, oh well. BIG BIG SHOW!”)
    3) The twattles FREAK THE FUCK OUT all on their own.
    4) Maddow proceeds with show, including excruciatingly long and overly-detailed (as is typical for her) intro (I’ve begun tuning in/fast-forwarding 15 minutes into the show, so I don’t start throwing things at the TV waiting for her to GET TO THE FUCKING POINT). Then interviews guy with leaks, they both proceed to explain, very slowly to the idiots in the audience the whole thing, including that TRUMP MAY HAVE LEAKED IT, and she’s the one that got played?

    I’m not buying it. People are already digging further e.g. “Hey wait, why was he selling real estate he already owned when the market was going nuts? Was he broke? Stupid? Bad at real estate?” “Why does he want to get rid of the AMT?” etc. And the excuse that it was a distraction from the Russians and/or TrumpDon’tCare is bullshit — both continue to be prime stories everywhere.

    What are they smoking over at 30 Rock?


  4. Pupienus Maximus says:

    What did she hammer on in the opening segment? Trump Russia Trump Russia Trump Russia. THAT was the important stuff. THAT opportunity to talk about Trump Russia Trump Russia Trump Russia was why she ran with it – to hammer home the Russia thing to yet more new viewers.

    (Tengrain was here… no slamming fellow Scissorheads.)


  5. 9thousandfeet says:

    Well I don’t have a teevee and can only afford the bandwidth (satellite ISP with ruthless FAP data caps) to watch maybe a couple of hours of video per month.
    So I have no clue what 30Rock even means, and Maddow is so fucking shrill and overly theatrical that I can’t waste precious bandwidth on her, so I content myself with written reports and save the bandwidth for important things like that Jack Russel terrier having fun.

    But even squinting through a narrow crack in the fence such as that, my first thought was that she got played .
    I’m still thinking exactly that.

    Why those two particular pages from one particular year that show he payed millions in taxes and don’t come anywhere close to hinting at all that money from Russia his odious family was bragging about not so very long ago?
    What are the chances that was some kind of randomly leaked material and not carefully cherry-picked?

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  6. It was all a bit underwhelming really. A classic case of not leaping before you jump. She wasn’t necessarily played but it did come across as a ratings grab if anything.


  7. wallacehenrya says:

    “She was played. 2 pages of a 1040? There’s nothing to see there.”

    Pray tell, where on a Form 1040 would one look for “foreign entanglements;” possibly Form 1116 or Form 4952….? So little detail is required that any speculation would remain guess work!

    “If Trump is strategic (he’s not, but Bannon is), the next time that there is tax news, the White House is going to play this.”

    Really, you don’t think a potential lender has received bogus information from Trump? My guess he has a file drawer full of misinformation to send to bankers……

    How do you confirm that this is indeed the return that was filed with the IRS? The IRS can’t confirm its authenticity, the tax preparer is prohibited from disclosure….. Oh, but the White House confirmed it.

    The sad part of this is that this is what Fox “News” does every single night!


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