The Morning Quote

The Angry Inch, Dumb Spice

The New Yorker takes a long, lingering look at Stupid Spice’s press briefings, and asks the question, “Is Donald Trump Trolling the Press?”

The entire article is catnip, and the structure of the thing follows The Stupidest Man on the Internet (Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit) and his protégé former party boi Lucien Wintrich (of whom recently out-of-the-closet Hoft seems to have a bit of a crush) as they go to DC for a briefing. All that said, this little passage jumped out at me as to how The Russian Usurper really runs things:

“President Trump, by most accounts, is rarely too busy to watch TV, especially when he is the topic. ‘Look at his daily schedule, and you’ll notice how few events are held between 1 and 2 p.m.,’ [a] radio correspondent told me. This is the hour during which Spicer almost always conducts his briefings. … Another correspondent pointed out how often press aides deliver notes to Spicer while he’s at the lectern, and how obediently Spicer seems to respond to the notes’ directives, cutting a response short or abruptly ending a briefing. The reigning theory is that the notes are transcribed messages from the President, watching live from elsewhere in the building.”

It’s utterly fascinating how off the mark Hoft manages to be in the course of this story and alarming how the White House legitimizes this buffoonish website.

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2 Responses to The Morning Quote

  1. Uncle Cracker says:

    Hate the name, TG…it’s Sean Sphincter, Sean Sphincter…he hates it, we love it, change it dammit!



  2. grs says:

    I love that gif.



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