(UPDATED) Live From NY…

“So that means I won the popular vote?” — I think this should be the tagline each time we have a natural disaster during the Fourth Reich.

UPDATE 1: Ruth Marcus’ WashPost column was probably written before the SNL cold-open, but it addresses How will this White House respond to an emergency?:

  • “For a new president, April is the cruelest month; add John F. Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs fiasco to that litany of springtime woes.”
  • “Trump’s unforced errors have implications and ripple effects for when the real problems inevitably arrive.”
  • “First, the best leaders become even more calm, deliberate and focused in moments of stress and emergency. Trump lashes out — before checking the facts, before considering the consequences.”
  • “Second, the skill set of steady presidential leadership must be augmented by a functioning team of principals, deputies and advisers.”
  • “Third, Trump’s predilection to assert and cling to untruths in the face of contrary evidence raises questions about his capacity to absorb and act on unwelcome information.”
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3 Responses to (UPDATED) Live From NY…

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    If there is a disaster, I hope it’s centered on Mar-a-Lago… while Trump is present.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    “…the skill set of steady presidential leadership…” Ohhhh, yeah.


  3. Pupienus Maximus says:

    The scary thing is that a whole helluvalot of people are relying on Trump fucking up when the shit they throw at us hits our fan. They are crafting plans – plans that WILL cause emergency situations for the US – based on Trump’s inability to respond.

    Yeah, he’s fiddling while America burns, the more important thing is that the fires are designed around Trump.



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