Activism: ACA Repeal

[Ed. I’m sticking this post on top today, so get busy phoning! Fresh(er?) posts will be below. –Rgds, TG]

A call to action

Pick up the phone.

Call your Congressional Rep and Senators (You should keep them on your speed dial and call them two or three times each week.)

Leave a  message.

Yes, just leave a voice mail. It’s that simple.

Keyword: I love Obamacare
Keyword: Oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act
Keyword: Talk to you next week.

If you really want to make a difference go here, drill down in your state and volunteer.

  1. Don’t sign up for their mailing list, all that does is allow you to lie to yourself that you’re doing something. You’re not.
  2. Don’t send them money. That rewards their bad behavior. They have all the money they need, they just need to apply it properly. it’s your job to tell them how to apply it. (Tell them I said so.)
    1. If you want to spend money on the DNC:
      1. Volunteer to bring cookies to the your precinct meeting
      2. Volunteer to pay to print signs
      3. Volunteer to pay to print flyers
      4. Volunteer to chauffeur people who can’t drive to and from DNC precinct meetings.


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One Response to Activism: ACA Repeal

  1. Kurt says:


    They like to call it “graduating.”



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