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Mike ‘Payola’ Allen’s morning email thingie at Axios:
For some uninsured, GOP penalty higher than Obamacare. Axios’ isolates a key provision of the Trump’s *Wealthcare* plan:

  • A key part of the GOP health care plan is repealing Obamacare’s much-hated individual mandate, which requires people to pay a fine if they’re uninsured for longer than three months over the course of a year.
  • The GOP plan replaces it with a continuous coverage provision, which charges a 30 percent premium penalty for a year if an enrollee goes longer than 63 days without coverage.
  • Winners and losers: Generally, low-income, older people and people who are uninsured for a short period of time will pay bigger penalties under the GOP health plan. The penalty would be lower for young people, some wealthier people and the long-term uninsured.

Meanwhile, over at Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie:

THE PLAY here is simple: The Trump administration wants to send a message that they will hit the road to boost their legislative priorities. Of course, from a political standpoint, they can’t do much to Rand Paul — he was just elected to his second term in the Senate, and doesn’t face re-election until 2022. But think of it this way: If you’re a House Republican who is thinking about opposing this bill, do you want Trump holding a rally in your district, questioning why you’re standing in the way of his legislative agenda with an election less than two years away? Trump is trying to send the message that he’s willing to play this kind of outside game.

Interested third parties weigh in:

“Major associations representing physicians, hospitals, insurers and seniors all leveled sharp attacks against the House GOP’s plan to rewrite the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday, as some Republicans publicly questioned whether the measure can clear the House of Representatives. While industry groups warned that the proposal could leave vulnerable Americans with fewer protections than they now have, GOP leaders pressed ahead, bringing legislation before two key committees that are expected to approve the bills by week’s end.

“They were also working in concert with the White House to win over conservatives, who have complained that the proposal preserves too much of the current law. The flurry of activity – including an evening meeting between President Trump and leaders from five skeptical conservative groups – created new uncertainty about the viability of Republicans’ signature promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

And this is what I call a win-win: Wingnuts fighting Wingnuts:

“Why Republicans Are Battling Republicans on Obamacare Repeal”: “The criticism from the right has grown so harsh that President Trump asked leaders of several conservative groups in an Oval Office meeting on Wednesday to tone it down. He was especially troubled, one participant said, by the comparisons of the plan to ‘Obamacare lite’; which he said was inaccurate and harmful to their shared cause of gutting the current law. One senior White House official described the meeting as ‘tough.’ Referring to the president, the official said: ‘He listened. They vented.'”

And now let’s compare and contrast two Republican Senators: Susan ‘Weathervane’ Collins and Iran’s penpal, Tom Cotton:

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS to KATIE COURIC: On whether she agrees with Sen. Rand Paul that the new health-care bill is DOA in the Senate – “Yes, I do not think it will be well received in the Senate. But I do want to emphasize that it’s still a work in progress. The House Committees are going to be working their will on the bill. It has to go before the full House before it comes to us. And it’s been a work in progress, as Secretary Price has said. And the bill that was released this week is far better than the bill that we were briefed on the week before. So, who knows, maybe it’ll eventually get better, and thus will be better received in the Senate.”

And I think that brings us up to the moment. Phew!

*Hat tip: Crooks and Liars’ @Karoli on Twitter coined “wealthcare.” I think it’s pretty great.

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6 Responses to The Thursday Summary

  1. roket says:

    Obamacare lite? More like Obamacare swiss cheese.


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    He seems, or his Tweets seem very bi-polar.
    (like there’s a difference)
    #TrumpCare ad nauseam.
    Then start poking that dead rat again.
    It really pisses them off.


  3. Randall says:

    The #1 thing the Republicans have against Obamacare (the ACA) is that THE RICH are taxed to pay for the poor. Everything else is bullshit. Bull shit.


  4. Randall says:

    Weasel words: “we want everybody to have ACCESS to healthcare
    Yeah, well, I have ACCESS to Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac automobiles, too, in that they’ll let me into the showroom…


  5. Pupienus Maximus says:

    >What matters in long run is better, more affordable health care for Americans,

    Not according to the White House. Nor Ryan. Nor a host of Rethuglican congresscritters.


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