Because of Trump, have you Lost Respect for the Office of the Presidency?


Most mornings I wake up nauseas or vomiting. This morning beget a new twist. Of course, I woke up nauseas, and, and, and, I had inexorable heartbreak, as if every ounce of my being had succumbed to mourning. Tears welled up (due to allergies, my lady balls feel scrubbed by sandpaper), but it wasn’t a welcomed reprieve. I realized – unknowingly, that my respect for the office of the presidency (OOTP) had vaporized.

Even when I didn’t respect presidents (hello, Bush/Cheney), I never lost respect for the office of the presidency. The Russians and imprudent Americans put Trump in office, and now my respect is gone—really and truly gone. I don’t know what to do with that.

Trump has shamed the office of the presidency, America and the world. He’s a petulant, violent, hateful, xenophobic, Islamophobia, racist dictator. He stole everything the OOTP stood for: sanity, a steady hand, reverence, democracy, love of country, intelligence, a basic understanding of power, a modicum of compassion, respect for our branches of government, and a degree of humanity. Donald hates America. He’s doing everything in his power to undermine our branches of government and eradicate checks and balances.

white house

Trump is a devious, perilous cloud who overtook a now vulgar, obviously corrupt- Muted House. Look at the White House. To me, it appears depressed and trapped, stuck in a vortex of hate, demagoguery and authoritarianism. The WH seems in need of an intervention from committing suicide. Perhaps I should refer to the White House as “Formerly known as freedom, equality and sanity.”

Those of us who didn’t benefit from everything democracy offered, we knew that we could fight for it because that’s what democracy demanded. As much as I love being part of the resistance, when nobody showed up to vote on March 7th, I lost faith.

How are we going to fight the tangerine tornado if we don’t start voting locally? Marches and petitions are great, but we need a united message and a plan to reclaim our government before Trump completely obliterates it. With each passing day, democracy crumbles, only to become sole food latching onto passerby’s shoes.

I read this morning’s headlines knowing that as the day wears on, my news alerts will descend into madness, from Trump’s tweets, new discoveries about Russia, the healthcare plan, and more destructive actions against Americans and the world. Trump is the reason America is unsafe. Trump is a terrorist threat to the world. His ignorance and need for vengeance is terrifying.

I don’t know where to go from here… Do you?


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9 Responses to Because of Trump, have you Lost Respect for the Office of the Presidency?

  1. osirisopto says:

    Yes! I do know where to go from here.


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  3. Ali Redford says:

    When Shock and Awe began in 2003, I felt much as you do. After weeks of calling, writing, visiting congresscritters’s offices, standing with candles outside the Peace Center, etc., etc., there it was on TV, still happening. And that on top of 2 years of crap like USA PATRIOT. A wise activist told me then that sometimes, the best thing a person can do is to do your best to make as much space as you can as bright as you can. It may only be space just around yourself, but the space will enlarge as days go by. A person needs rest and escape.


  4. Catherine says:

    What election on March 7 are you speaking of that no one showed up to vote. Where di this happen?


  5. If you didn’t have to face it before, it’s just as well to face it now. The office of the presidency doesn’t deserve respect merely for existing. It is the person IN the office who deserves respect, or contempt, and always criticism, depending entirely upon their day-to-day actions. We only owe allegiance and respect to the Constitution, the national contract we live under. We owe nothing to the officers of government above the common polite behavior we would equally grant to the cashier at the grocery store.


  6. HarpoSnarx says:

    My wrath is reserved for the f*cking know-nothings who voted these rapists and pillagers into power. Their delight at our collective outrage is downright demonic. I still haven’t figured out “rest and escape” yet. Although we’re endured a decade ago when the last junta ruled. This vile bunch are already overreaching and they WILL FAIL then FALL. In the meantime keep calm and carry on.


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  8. A.J. says:

    I had a long pause there at “lady balls”!!


  9. Think again perhaps. The Office did not lose your respect, the office holder has. Remember the Office/Position/Symbol has not been disrespectful, the office holder has.
    (in my opinion)


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