Wiretap my ass

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a White House spokesperson claims that the wiretapping news” wasn’t just revealed by conservative press, it was also reported by the New York Times and the BBC, among other lies.

Watch Hucks get her alternative facts on…

Donald Trump’s malignant narcissism speaks volumes about his behavior across all mediums. He lashes out when attacked. He double downs on his lies. He lives in an alternate reality and doesn’t believe actual facts. Attacking President Obama for wiretapping serves two purposes, takes the heat off the Russia story and Jeff Sessions, and creates a dramatic new story for the press to chase (deflect, deflect, deflect).

We’re in a serious crisis. The press continues to normalize Trump’s behavior, including his speech, hailed as presidential. Praising a toddler for reading off of a teleprompter, yet spewing the same venomous hate shouldn’t be normalized. This has to stop. Trump is undermining democracy at the speed of light. We must remain vigilant and hyper aware of his actions.

For example:

  • Replacing the health care act with a dark, deceptive plan that will leave 15 million people uninsured and make CEO’s of insurance companies a lot richer.
  • The Muslim Ban includes 7 countries. Not only is his ban unconstitutional and discriminatory, it doesn’t make America safer. However, in order to devolve into the  white Christian nation Trump, Bannon and his cabinet wants, he needs people to believe that it does.
  • The Refugee Ban is literally to give Trump time to come up with “extreme vetting” questions, which is fucking xenophobic and Islamophobic, period.
  • Trump told Planned Parenthood that they can keep federal funding provided they no longer provide abortions. Fortunately, PP declined.

The list goes on, and on, and on.

We can’t believe his lies and misdirection’s, though it’s easy to do (the misdirection part). I am shocked that Trump hasn’t been impeached yet, but realize I shouldn’t be because the emboldened GOP is out of control.

Resistors, welcome to another day in Surrealica (my new nickname for America). Good luck to us all.



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4 Responses to Wiretap my ass

  1. w3ski says:

    The high Priest of Selfishness, the Cheetolini, is distracting us yet again, now with his “Omama bad” claims. Whatever it takes I see, so that we don’t look at the horrible actual bills Bannon and Ryan are passing, or too closely at his Russian Connections either.
    It’s a long term game of distraction and so far he seems to be winning.
    If only we still had 3 branches of Government.
    Or at least an active News Service. They are (were?) our last hope for Freedom itself.
    I want my Country Back.


    • tengrain says:

      W3ski – Trumpy is bringing the magicians con game of distraction, but it seems more like a Ponzi scheme to me. Each outrage is greater than the last, and the whole thing is complete crap. It’s why I am trying to avoid reading or listening to what he says so I can keep an eye on what he does.

      His actions? It’s all bad.




  2. moeman says:

    This nut didn’t fall far from the family squirrel cage.

    There’s got to be a better nick for this HUCKSter.


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