Activism: #obamadiditbetter

A short one today.

Let’s try using the hashtag #obamadiditbetter and see how long it takes the Russian Puppet lose it.

Russian Connection

I’m sure everyone has heard about all the Russian politicians who had a connection to Trump and his cronies that are being killed. Something tells me Putin doesn’t want anyone talking.

So along that vein I want to ask everyone to do two more things this week.

  1. Very important: Call your Senators and Congressional Representatives and push for Sessions to resign because of his lying under oath. A crime punishable by… oh who am I kidding the R’s will give him a medal if they get the chance.
    1. Keyword: Sessions Resign for Lying Under Oath
  2. speakyourmind

    Silence Is Compliance.

    Most Important: Become a part of your local Democratic Party. We started to move the party to the left  during the DNC Chair election. The job’s not done yet.

    1. Call these people.
      1. DON’T give them money. That simply rewards and encourages their bad behavior.
      2. Don’t sign up for their mailing list. That allow you to lie to yourself that you’re doing something. You’re not. All you’re doing is being propagandized.
      3. VOLUNTEER! Attend the meetings, speak up, speak out, question authority and make them sweat.


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