Trump’s Speech Tried to Normalize Him


Trump’s speech last night was disgusting. His agenda of white nationalism was abundantly clear. He painted immigrants as the enemy and as the sole threat to national security, and, of course, that only he can solve the problem.

Hi, authoritarianism squared:

  • Fear mongering: Check
  • Loosening rules for ICE applicants: Check
  • Scapegoating a religion: Check
  • Scapegoating all immigrants: Check

Coverage about Trump’s speech has been mixed. I’ve read that he came off as presidential. So, he gets a pass for behaving like a measured human-being? Bullshit.He read from a teleprompter. Wow, should we applaud his ability to do so? His body language was calm. Clap, clap, clap. Fuck no!

Trump’s agenda was abundantly clear last night: Come across as normal to slow the resistance down and give the appearance of unity. Donald Trump is abnormal, period. Additionally, he has shown us, pathologically so, exactly who he is and what his intentions are. Look at his agenda, his cabinet, his executive orders, and the horrifying hate he spews.

Over the past few days, Trump also said that we’re becoming a one-party system because the democrats are weak. He also accused Jews of desecrating their own graves. He attacked the press by saying that anonymous sources shouldn’t be used.

We cannot afford to normalize Trump — EVER. We cannot afford to think that Trump isn’t a dictator upending democracy — EVER. We cannot afford to keep Trump in the White House. He must be impeached, period.

Please watch Olbermann’s latest video about what Trump’s really doing with his Muslim ban and immigrants.

What did you think of Trump’s speech last night? Provided you had the stomach for it.


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14 Responses to Trump’s Speech Tried to Normalize Him

  1. stopthemovie says:

    What was up with him saying thank you after every stupid applause line?


  2. Kandace says:

    The part where he used a widow as a show pony and then said that her dead husband was smiling down from heaven was disgusting.


    • RIGHT?! I did a spit-take. I mean, WTF?! He’s so unbelievably unfit. He took no responsibility for getting a Navy SEAL killed, and again blamed the generals couched in, but they’re great guys. Blech. He’s vile and demented


    • cat copeland says:

      A narcissist does NOT know compassion or empathy. NOT only does he NOT agree with what he said, he doesn’t know how lacking it is in honesty or sympathy.
      The only way to “normalize” (cough, cough) is a lobotomy.


  3. osirisopto says:

    I heard the Russian Puppet said it was a time for a new chapter for America.
    I wondered which he had in mind: 7, 11 or 13?

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  4. MDavis says:

    I walked in on a couple of minutes of the speech by accident. It was something about ‘and the money is pouring in, believe me…” *applause* then some commentator said something about NATO, so I guess he might have been claiming that Europe is now paying the protection money that DT thinks he deserves. Then I got the heck out of there before my under-the-breath muttering got me in trouble with our bright red (figuratively speaking) co-workers.
    Side note – one of our Repub co-workers is actually not bad to talk to. He lets me know what the current talking points are and when I say something kinda Lefty he still treats me like a valued co-worker rather than the enemy. From what I have heard, this is how a lot of political disagreement used to be treated: like a disagreement on methodology rather than just wanting to tear down the whole damn thing to get your way.


    • I am THRILLED and AMAZED you have quality communication with a republican. I miss intellectual, civil discourse/debate about what’s going on politically. I’ve yet to meet a republican willing to even have a conversation. Supporters of Trump refuse to consider talking about anything slightly negative and view it as fake news or hating just to hate.


  5. roket says:

    He was using a teleprompter and that’s all I needed to know.


  6. I am not sorry I missed it. Using the dead sailor’s widow was a NEW low. I am a veteran, and that hurt.

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