And Now, The Budget Whammy

Hold me closer, Tiny Hander.

Hold me closer, Tiny Hander.

This is what you voted for, America

To increase defense spending, cut taxes, spend money on infrastructure and the border, protect entitlements, and balance the budget, almost everything else must go… If he were to actually follow through on everything he says he wants to do, it would basically mean that the Department of Defense and entitlement programs would be the only things left in the government.

…Non-defense discretionary spending is a catch-all phrase for a huge number of government functions. The money funds educational programs like Head Start, Pell Grants, and K-12 services; core government duties like law enforcement and collecting taxes through the IRS; health and scientific research; nutrition, rent, child care, and home heating assistance for low-income people; public safety through the CDC and FDA; infrastructure like the National Highway System and air traffic control; environmental programs through the EPA; and the protection and preservation of national parks.

Which probably fits well into Bannon’s, er, Trump’s other project which is to sell off the assets of the Federal Government. So once you privatize the Air Traffic Control (and finish busting the union) and sell off the airports, and all Federal Highways are now private toll roads, log the forests and mine everywhere, drill-baby-drill… well, you get the picture.

You see, Trump is betting on the Laffer Curve, the basis of St. Ronnie’s trick-down, voodoo economics to work, finally:

In an interview with Fox on Tuesday morning, Trump argued that his increase in defense spending could be covered not by severe spending cuts elsewhere, but by an increase in economic growth. “I think the money is going to come from a revved up economy,” he said, promising to grow GDP to 3 percent or more a year.

And of course there’s the whole Sequester thing gumming up the works. You see, by law (for punishing the Kenyan for prezninting while being black? Yes.), the budget has to be cut to below spending in 2011, so the $54B Ameros increase has to include the 15% cut everywhere else, too. So, say goodbye to programs you love and depend on, and hello to our dystopia.

But you know, emails.

[ED. – just a housekeeping note: I still have the cold and I’m sort of on and off with my attention span today. Sorry for the light posting… TG]

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3 Responses to And Now, The Budget Whammy

  1. roket says:

    Reagan increased military spending in order to bring about the collapse of the USSR. Donnie Darko will increase military spending in order to bring about the collapse of the USA.


  2. Jim says:

    Also, GOP style defense spending (i.e. lots of toyz for the boyz in sweetheart contracts) is by far the most capital and resource-intensive spending so expect to see a relatively small number of jobs from that sector per dollar of expenditure whereas most other discretionary spending sectors, the ones that will be severely cut, are much more labor intensive. So what we’ll see, as a result, is a huge drop in net employment. And we won’t have 3-3.5% GDP year-on growth to pay for it in part because of changed demographics and also because all of the money is stuck at the top of the pyramid. How many mega-yachts can one billionaire own anyway?


  3. R mcneilly says:

    1 megAyacht for every sea and ocean and the 5great lakes😆


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