Your Sunday Morning Grift Round-up

More Exciting News From Trumplandia!

Dinner is served Trumplandia style!

Hair Führer went to dinner at his own hotel’s restaurant in Washington DC, which of course means that the Federal Government paid him (and his entourage). I should say, we taxpayers paid for the pleasure of his company.

Well, at least for the first time since being installed in the White House, the Russian Usurper didn’t go to Mar-a-Logo-a-Go-Go.

There was a rumor that this was the $60,000 Kuwait Embassy Dinner, which would have made this even more scandalous, a true pay-to-play. This seems to be just everyday corruption.

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4 Responses to Your Sunday Morning Grift Round-up

  1. 9thousandfeet says:

    I don’t know where to put this, maybe in the next “open tab” thingy, but it needs to be put somewhere.

    Here’s an article that needs to be read as widely as possible. It’s fairly long and requires some sustained attention, neither of which is the kind of thing that “goes viral” nowadays, and therein lies the root of the problem.
    We need to know what we’re fighting, and it’s not politics as usual in any way at all. It’s not even politics at all, not in any sense that we have previously understood the word. It’s certainly not “a battle of ideas” in any traditional sense, nor is it, at root, about policy at all.
    A taste:

    “Look at this,” he says and shows me how, before the US election, hundreds upon hundreds of websites were set up to blast out just a few links, articles that were all pro-Trump. “This is being done by people who understand information structure, who are bulk buying domain names and then using automation to blast out a certain message. To make Trump look like he’s a consensus.”
    And that requires money?
    “That requires organisation and money. And if you use enough of them, of bots and people, and cleverly link them together, you are what’s legitimate. You are creating truth.”


  2. And when he went there, he ordered the aged NY strip steak, very well done (to McDonald’s level) and slathered it in ketchup. He is repulsive, even to a zombie….



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