Activism: Trump Is Not The Problem

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Trump is a problem. One heck of a problem to be sure, but not the problem.

The Real Problem

Congress, the Legislative Branch of our government has the power and the authority to control Trump. Hell they could cut off his … funds and that would be the end of everything except his whining and rants.

The problem is they won’t use the power our constitution charges them with.

The R’s who control the Congress and Senate know Trump will let them advance their various private agendas of advancing theocracy, punishing the poor, ripping off what’s left of the middle class while they destroy it and enriching their patrons.

The Cause of The Problem

The cause of the problem is two fold.

The first cause is failed leadership. Over the past thirty odd years the DNC has been run by moderate republicans working under the name of the DLC. The DLC is made up of people like people like Joe Liberman, Tom Perez, Bill & Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazille, Pete Buttiigege, Tom Perez, Jehmu Greene, Jamie Harrison are all DLC. Their policies and philosophies are anything but progressive. They will always put political advantage ahead of principle.

They will always sell us out to advance their agenda of enriching the wealthy, subjugating the poor and more war. (Always more war, it’s good for the arms industry.)

The second cause of the problem is our failure to participate in our own governance.We’ve been treating our government like it was a teevee sitcom. We sit passively being fed whatever crap they chose to deliver, training ourselves to respond equally to the laugh track, the latest outrage or the unspeakble horror with equal detachment.

chairagainstwallThe Solution

One action three results: Fortunately the solution to the problem is also the remedy for both causes and the defense we need against Trump and his cabinet appointees.

We need to start running our own lives. We need to get involved. We need to be actively involved in our governance.

The election for the DNC Chair is coming up next month. Please call the members of the DNC, these are the only people who vote for the Chair of the DNC and advocate for your choice of chair for the DNC and most important advocate for the 50 state strategy.

Please note there are only two candidates that are not DLC :Ellison and Boynton-Brown.

I endorse Ellison because of the two he has the greatest experience, more well developed relationships and has won the endorsement of so many labor unions I can’t name them all. he is the person we need leading us in this critical time.

Boyton-Brown is a little green. Give her two or three more years and she will be a force to be reckoned with, but not today.

We have 18 months before the mid-term election. Taking control of Congress in 2018 is the only hope we have of reigning in the worst abuses of the Trump Clan. We need to get to work on achieving that goal.

Working together we can do it. Working together we can do anything.

Please make the calls to the DNC members today.


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  1. paul fredine says:

    you mention ‘the worst abuses of the trump clan’. shouldn’t that be ‘trump klan’? you’re welcome.


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