Activism: It’s Called Activism, Not Re-activism

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Last week all the news, late night comedians, blogs and twitter were on fire about the Russian Puppet Regime’s ties to Russia.

Played Like A Fiddle, We Were.

Then the Russian Puppet Regime brought out their Shiny Object – a press conference with Trump playing the role of Billy Madison.

Not only did the press, and the people willingly suspend their disbelief during the performance. They played their role afterwards like they were reading off the script Trump handed them.

And just to be sure they got everyone off the subject of Trump and Russia someone came up with the idea of “leaking” a draft of a memo that was just slightly more absurd than the afore mentioned presser.

Today the Russian interference in our elections, the Russian control of the President of the United States has been forgotten.

Old news. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.
Got a custom kitchen delivery.

Everyone who fell for this BS should be embarrassed. No matter what anyone might want to let themselves believe these people are not amateurs. They know what the stakes are and they are playing for keeps.


Signe Wilkinson

You can fool all of the people some of the time

The shiny object worked so well I know they’re going to use it again. Every time there’s any mention of Russia Trump is going take the stage and do his clown routine, and the next day they’ll release some other impossible bullshit guaranteed to freak out the libtards.

There’s a saying about feeding Trolls. Maybe you’ve heard it? It goes something like Don’t Feed the Trolls.

Trump is the Internet Troll In Chief, and Bannon has made a career out it. We need to gain and maintain control of the situation by making them react to us.

A Call to Action

Next week I will ask everyone reading this to call your Senators and Congressperson – both D and R – demanding an investigation into the Trump ties to Russia before and after the election.

The Trumps didn’t go to such amazing extremes because they wanted to get a laugh. They did it because they were feeling the heat.

We’ve found their weak spot. Keep pressing, keep pushing.

Keyword: Investigate Russian Subversion of Trump and his Cabinet.
Keyword: Demand to see Trumps taxes.

Make the calls, please.


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7 Responses to Activism: It’s Called Activism, Not Re-activism

  1. Spocko says:

    Great point.. To get to ACTIVISM instead of REACTIVISM we need to think about what can we do NOW that will create future news. “Think 4th dimensionally Marty!” this is about TIME

    Create news, specifically news that will get noticed by the outlets Trump watches

    I have two ideas in two areas, and you might have others.

    What is something that will impact his big business base? What news do they notice? Is there a success they crow about? Is there a failure they don’t want to talk about?

    Crowing is good, some companies WANT good news about themselves promoted, but sometimes only to the shareholders, not the public. For example, we point out how successful a pipeline project is and how big of a failure protests are. This news is designed to assure shareholder that the project won’t be delayed. Trump will smash protestor heads and arrest media if they try to delay pipelines. (BTW, this is currently all true. It’s not fake news (see the link to the Intercept article )

    With a successful restart of pipelines, Trump can brag about fulfilling his promises to his public base. That base will be happy.

    Suddenly, instead of talking about the cost of flying Trump around the country for golf and 2020 Campaign rallies, the RW cable media can talk about how the pipelines are going and write about how protests are failing. They can cover these stories because it is about Trump winning. This in turn activates more people.

    These stories get the notice of the people in power who count–big oil and gas entities. Oil producers in Russia and the middle east, Mexico and Venezuela don’t want more oil pumping out of the US? More pipelines and access to fraking sites in the US drives down prices. Delayed pipelines drive prices up.

    Getting companies to brag about how they are successfully building pipelines is not hard, as long as you appeal to one their audiences, the shareholders. You take that bragging communication, typically in the financial media and get it to two other groups, the people concerned about climate change and the international oil speculators. When both hear things are going great for pipelines they are not happy. They make noise. The noise from consumers and environmental damage make the general news. News of either failure or success get to the international oil people. They decide, “”Will oil retain it’s value? Is a delaying action good for our bottom line? If a 2 month delay means oil sales go up 3 percent, we earn an additional X billion. A US delay in oil production, shipping and refining means Russia’s oil reserves are more valuable. China will have to pay more for oil. (That is why they are racing to build solar.)

    Trump’s strategy of restarting pipelines is succeeding, protest failing goes to Fox and Friends “The Most Trusted Faces in News.”

    This news has the benefit of being true! In The Intercept today Aileen Brown has a great, detailed story about the restarting of pipelines and the protests against them that aren’t working right now.

    This is just the kind of thing that Fox and Friends want to share with Donald. “President Trump’s getting the pipelines back on track will lead to energy independence. This time protestors have no friends in the EPA.” The line that appeals to Trump’s base is, ‘EAT IT TREE HUGGERS. We won. Drill baby drill! FU”

    Trump will tweet about the wins. And the EPA head won’t be enforcing anything.

    So why should we promote these successes of the oil companies now? Because the decision that drives more oil drilling (and spilling) is based on cost of oil. A lower cost of oil is really not good for oil companies.

    If you remember correctly it became LESS cost beneficial for Canada to ship oil to the gulf as fracking in the US expanded. At $100 dollars a barrel they can afford to pay for building and pumping at 50 dollars a barrel leave it in the ground

    But this economic story about costs per barrel and the international oil market is NOT the kind of story that makes the news at “Fox and Friends.” That is for the Financial Times and the WSJ. What makes F&F news is Protestors being bitten by dogs, journalists being arrested and hoses being turned on DIrty Hippies. It also makes MSM news. It gets more dirty hippies out to the sites of oil drilling (and spilling) Stories about environmental disasters are newsworthy for all media, with Fox down playing it and while MSM trying to be ‘neutral’ but with a corporate status quo bias. Stories about environmental disasters drive donations to NRDC and the Sierra Club.

    Stories of defiance from the protestors, that destroy civil liberties and the free press, trickle up to shareholders, The big funds notice. Protests and noise carry “uncertainty.” Business analysts tell us uncertainty is bad. While this is true for stocks for individual companies, on a macro scale more supply and the same demand leads to lower prices for oil. Lower oil prices slows the push for more pipelines, and gives them a face saving excuse for caving into protesters or following old EPA laws.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    That is a big bite there, Spocko.

    As you know I am focused on phone campaigns.

    I agree that visibility and bad press for the Trumps and their cronies would spook the investors.

    Shareholders want income not controversy. So, for us the more controversy the better.
    Do you have any specific high profile actions in mind?

    Should we be applying the Rules for Radicals? If so what should we do?

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    • Spocko says:

      I actually have a longer version 🙂 that included the health insurance companies as well. That post had more specific detail and I’ve developed in in talks with insurance experts.

      I do have a plan for this with some actions. Right now I felt the need to talk it out here. One of the reasons I do that is to walk though my thinking for other people doing activism. There are multiple types of actions for different audiences. I’ve been observing who seems to have leverage on Trump based on HIS reactions. And I’ve been noting what HE reacts to based on what he watches. (John Oliver had the same insight. You want to reach Trump, you get a story on the shows he watches. )
      Then I build around audiences and venues


  3. Ed says:

    Calling Trump a racist isn’t working so let’s call him a Russiaist.


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