Activism: Act, Don’t React


Dumb and Dumber: Your Choice

We need to view any and every action of the Russian Puppet Admin with maximum cynicism. Constantly on the lookout for shiny objects.

If it’s leaked that the Trump admin says grass is green and the sky is blue the first thing we need to ask ourselves is what they are trying to hide.  We shouldn’t go outside to check until after we’ve figured that out.

What could the Russian Puppet Administration/Bank Heist possibly do to distract attention from the revelations of their ongoing treason?

  1. Trump is a con man and a career bullshit artist. That performance on Thursday was just that – a performance intended to shine the spotlight on him as whack-a-doodle. That got the press to stop talking about the Russian Puppet Admins ties to Russian
  2. Hint at violating Posse Comitatus. Of course! Brilliant! Every bleeding heart liberal and leftist along with a lot of the black helicopter crowd provided the expected pavlovian response and promptly crapped their pants and dropped EVERYTHING to freak out on their Congressperson and Senator. Bannon keeps his job.

And it worked. The press, the liberals and the leftists all fell for it. Again.

The Russian Puppet Admin was feeling the pressure like never before and we let them off the hook with their draft memo of an unconstitutional, optional, unfunded line of speculative grade-A bullshit.

For fucks sake we’ve got pictures of Ivanka Trump vacationing with Putin’s wife during the the freaking election.

We’ve got recordings of the talking to their KGB handlers.

We’ve got a senior cabinet member resigning because of his treason.

We’ve got them by the balls.

Don’t let go.

Squeeze harder.

A Call to Action

I want to ask everyone reading this to hit the phones next week with demands to investigate the subversion of the Trump Admin by the Russians.

Hit them harder than ever. Then hit them again, and again and again and again.

Please do not allow the Trump Admin to sweep their scandal, or possible treason under the rug so easily.

Call your Senators, call your Congressperson both D and R and demand an investigation into the Trump ties to Russia before and after the election.

Walk into their offices, send emails send hardcopy letters, sign petitions, rent billboards, blog, facebook, twitter, protest in the street.

They worked that hard, that fast – Trump made a fool of himself in front of the entire world – to get us off the Russian subversion of our election and our government for a reason.

Keyword: Investigate Russian Subversion of Trump and his Cabinet.
Keyword: Demand to see Trumps taxes.

Make the calls, and please before your react to anything from the Russian Puppets again look at what they’re trying to hide and remember…

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

BTW don’t think they’r going to just sit passively in the corner while we pressure them. They’ll do something else outrageous, eventually they’ll do something dangerous and people are going to get hurt.

Before this is over people are going to die.

That’s what we get for not doing our jobs. We’re responsible.
Now, let’s get back to work.


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  1. ming says:

    Squeeze harder. That is a message I can get behind.


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