Pop Quiz!

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos:

On the federal education budget:

“There’s clearly an opportunity to slim down the department in some ways. I don’t know if that will ultimately significantly reduce the overall expenditure, but it may, it may help incentivize states in other ways.”

On changes in schools during her tenure:

“I expect there will be more public charter schools. I expect there will be more private schools. I expect there will be more virtual schools. I expect there will be more schools of any kind that haven’t even been invented yet.”

In her ideal world, the federal government has any a role in education?

“It would be fine with me to have myself worked out of a job, but I’m not sure that — I’m not sure that there will be a champion movement in Congress to do that.”

Congratulations, Wingnuttia, you drained the swamp. You own this, lock, stock, and misspelled “barrull.”

For ⅓ of a 1/7 of a point towards your midterm grade, give ol’ Betsy DeVos the MPS nickname she deserves. And as now is our tradition, we will have a vote (rigged) to make the final determination.

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33 Responses to Pop Quiz!

  1. Tom P Powers says:

    Gotta start with Delores Umbridge


  2. moeman says:

    ÷ and Conquer


  3. Tom O'Shea says:

    Betsy Devo
    Betsy Demented


  4. C Montgomery Burns says:

    She makes as much sense as Charlie Brown’s teacher so, whatever her name is.
    Mrs. Wah-wah?

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  5. Pupienus Maximus says:

    Tempted to do something with “devo” but Devo were great. Betsy Devolved?

    I’m having trouble with this one.

    Batsy Derangedvos?
    Betsy Devastlyunqualified?

    Yeah, I got nuttin.


  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Betsy Crock o’shit
    Intelligent Decline
    Madrasa DeVos
    Education DeVostation


  7. quakerinabasement says:

    Principal Amway


  8. Sam240 says:

    Her Illiteracy


  9. JTO says:

    Betsy DeMinus


  10. Abu Scooter says:

    The Bride of Blackwater

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  11. Karla says:

    Mis-edumacated [or Miss Edumacated]
    We Don’t Need No [education]
    Betsy Wetsy
    Gunz ‘n’ Hozes


  12. Postictal says:

    Ponzi Puss


  13. “Betsy DeVos” is an anagram for:

    Bevy Ed Sots
    Bossy Ed Vet
    By Eds Votes
    Sob Seedy TV
    Be Sods Ye TV

    (almost poetic, eh?)

    If we use her full proper name (Elisabeth Dee DeVos) we get:

    See A Shit Ed, Beloved
    Ed Shit Bodes Ale Eve

    And if we throw in the nickname with her full name, we get:

    Abetted Bolshevised Eyes
    These Vote Yeses, Biddable
    Blasé Devotee Shit Bed? Yes

    That is to say, I pick…
    “Billionaire Barbie”


  14. Kern says:

    Noted grizzly hunter Betsy DeVos

    Or Betsy DeBois, but perhaps that’s too subtle?


  15. moeman says:

    Bear Trap


  16. Retiredeng says:

    Cruella DeVos

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  17. mquirk says:

    Boughtsy DaVote


  18. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:



  19. The Match says:

    Mrs. Torquemada


  20. Mr DeBakey says:

    1. Itsy Bitsy Devos
    2. Slim


  21. Bruce388 says:

    Betsy DeVoid.


  22. Hank says:

    Betsy Dumbass


  23. MJG says:

    Bear Bait
    Double Barrel Betsy
    Are we not learning? WE ARE DEVOS!!
    Charter DeSchools


  24. MDavis says:

    Pyramid Priestess


  25. jimbo57 says:

    In honor of her maiden name, and in memory of the massive heaps of Amway cash piled up in the Senate chamber just before the confirmation vote: Price Is Right.


  26. Dennis Cole says:

    Wetsy Betsy DeDevilos


  27. Angulargyrus says:

    Boughtseat DeBust


  28. MDavis says:

    Still taking entries?
    Betsy DisRuptor – she brags about being a disruptor on her own website blurb. I guess she thinks that the folks caught in the undertow of disruption are just too poor to care about.


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