One Lump of Stupid or Two?



“There’s a whole area of climate so-called science that is really more like a cult … They’re glassy-eyed and they chant. It will potentially harm the image of all science.”

— William Happer, a Princeton University physicist is in the running to become Hair Führer’s science adviser, who seems to believe that climate scientists gives research a bad name.

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4 Responses to One Lump of Stupid or Two?

  1. Ellis Weiner says:

    “They’re glassy-eyed and they chant…You know–like people at a Trump rally.”

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  2. ming says:

    Reminds me of Edward Teller, father of the Hydrogen bomb, cold war hawk, and tobacco lobby scientist. The best and most credible opinion that money can buy.

    P.Z. Meyers is all over this and has a good take down of Happer.

    I also recommend checking out to understand how the the war on science is being waged by corporate and political interests.

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  3. roket says:

    Projection among scientists is an ugly thing. So is greed and envy.



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