Activism: DNC Chair

In his own words…

Now in my own words – Perez is DLC. In fact there are only two candidates that aren’t DLC: Ellison and Sally Boynton Brown.

I endorse Ellison because he has the most experience and the endorsement of so many Labor Unions.

Plus he’s not DLC.

BTW IMHO Buttigieg is a DLC mole. You may as well vote for Joe Lieberman.

Quit bitching and do something

chairagainstwallPlease call three members of the DNC listed in the 2016 DNC Membership List under the Activism tab above.

Call and advocate for your choice for DNC Chair, but most importantly advocate for the Fifty State Strategy using the support letter template as a guide for message consistency.

Investing just 15 minutes of your time to help correct the mistakes that put Donald Trump in the Whitehouse is the best thing your can do for yourself, your family, friend, lovers, children and grandchildren.

Make the calls today, please. Or get used to the idea of a second term for Trump.


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