Updated: Activism: Scandal? Treason? Take Action

(Oh, boy I made MBRU. That proves the value of punctuation and sentence structure.

Seriously, now. I welcome you all on behalf of Tengrain and all the other Scissorheads.

Osirisopto )

Alternative Title: As The Weather Warms Calls For Impeachment Resound

Back in November I said there would be many impassioned calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump before the weather warms. I also said this was not going to happen as long as the R’s control the Congress and Senate.

Get Real ( https://first-draft.com/2017/02/14/but-theyll-let-me-cut-taxes-mom/ )

The only way to do anything about the Russian Puppet and his nightmarish clown car of an administration is to take control of the US Congress.

And this is how

  1. Take control of the DNC, attend the meetings of your local chapter, become involved and take control by means of attending in greater numbers than the moderate Republicans that control it now.
  2. Implement the fifty state strategy. Do the outreach and recruit your neighbors and other people in your city, county and pool hall to join with us and start acting in their own best interest.
  3. Recruit liberals and leftists of good character to run for office – any and all offices – from dog catcher to school board, from city council to state house, from parks and rec to the US Senate.
  4. Remain active in the DNC. Once we take power we must hold it or things will very quickly revert and we could have someone worse than Trump in office in 2020.

We need to get off our asses and do the hard jobs, the dirty jobs, the unpleasant jobs.

Having people like Trump, McConnell, Ryan, Bannon, and Oklahoma representative Justin Humphrey running our country and ruining our lives is the price we pay for not doing our jobs.


Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves.

Stop bitching about it and get to work

Please call three members of the DNC listed in the 2016 DNC Membership List under the Activism tab above.

Call and advocate for your choice for DNC Chair, but most importantly advocate for the Fifty State Strategy using the support letter template as a guide for message consistency.

Investing just 15 minutes of your time to help correct the mistakes that put Donald Trump in the Whitehouse is the best thing your can do for yourself, your family, friend, lovers, children and grandchildren.

Now is the time for us to regain control of our country. It is our responsibility, any other course is not just a betrayal of the principles and vision of freedom and equality  that make the United States great it is treason to our humanity.

Make the calls today, please.


Update from Dkos…

And as you can see all it took was showing up, speaking up and being an adult.

He did it. You can too.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.
Woody Allen


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10 Responses to Updated: Activism: Scandal? Treason? Take Action

  1. purplehead says:

    What means “MBRU”?


    • tengrain says:

      It stands for Mikes Blog Round Up — it’s the feature at Crooks and Liars that I sometimes guest host. It’s a list of links from other blogs that a guest blogger thinks are significant.

      When I host, I generally link to other, smaller, less well-travelled blogs that deserve greater recognition. And I sometimes link to the Scissorheads!




  2. jaf48 says:

    Why are you clinging to the rotting corpse of that dead donkey? Did you sleep through the beginnings of Bernie’s campaign? Did you fail to notice how the Democratic Party is structured to withstand grass roots activism and continue to deliver candidates who are acceptable to the 1% and generally unelectable, or electable corporatists? Third Party!


    • osirisopto says:

      Why? Because I’m not into self harm.

      I advocate for a takeover of the Democratic party because I believe in setting attainable goals and have made succeeding a habit. The Democrats have the infrastructure, and share power in all jurisdictions in all fifty states as well as the Feds.

      Didn’t you notice that Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton, that he works with the Democrats and that he is Chairman of outreach for the Democratic party?
      If you hold Bernie is such high regard working with us to take over the Democratic party would give you the opportunity to work with Bernie.

      And the truth is a third party is a chimera. The Greens have been trying to establish a third party presence since the ’80’s. They still have not managed to get a presidential candidate on the ticket in all 50 states. We can’t wait three generations to take over congress we need to do it in the next 18 months.

      We can do that if we take over the Democratic party.

      Of course if you’d prefer to sit on the digital equivalent of a barstool, crying into your beer while you and your children are enslaved by cyborg billionaires who hunt you for sport have at it. I’m not going to listen to you whine.



  3. Pupienus Maximus says:

    Everyone should look at the Van Jones’ interview at Vanity Fair.


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