Co-Pay Price Confirmed as HHS Secretary

Courtesy Scissorhead @AndyIsbell on Twitter

Courtesy Scissorhead @AndyIsbell on Twitter

In the dead of night, with no witnesses from the press to see the occult rituals, blood sacrifices and usual sausage making, the Republican Congress approved Rep. Tom Price as the Health and Human Services Secretary.

Price will be the guy who will take away healthcare from us, and grin. He’d be glad to take away Tiny Tim’s crutch. Price believes that Jeebus was a sucker for curing the lepers without a copay.

Not one, single, Democrat voted for him, not even the usual quislings from the red states. Again, it is cold comfort but whatever happens to healthcare in the United States is completely owned by the Republicans. There was no bipartisan support for his approval.

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  1. roket says:

    Every Insurance Company CEO in America just got a big raise.


  2. rabbiadar says:



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