Activism: The Opposition Party

Kudos to PA State Senator Daylin Leach… If you’re in PA please give him a call and tell him thanks for standing up to Trump. Then tell him thanks for me, too.

From C&L…

PA State Senator Tweets At Trump: Come At Me, ‘You Fascist, Loofa-faced, Sh*t-gibbon!’

Rudeness aside he’s the kind of person I want to see elected to the US Congress in 2018. This is a reminder that our government isn’t only on the Federal level.

Participating in our Governance

There’s a saying “All politics is local” it’s true and both the Trump agenda and the GOP agenda needs to be opposed at all levels.

The only way that’s going to happen is if good people, leftist and liberals all get involved in our governance. We need liberal minded people to fill all the slots from dog catcher to school board, city council to state Senate, parks and rec to US Congress.

If not now, when?

We have less than two years before the next mid-term election. The fact is that the R’s control 37 state legislatures, the US Congress, the Senate and the Executive and are a hairs breath away form being able to rewrite our constitution.

Imagine our lives living under a constitution written by Gohmert, Pence and the Koch brothers.

Does that scare you? It should. I find the idea horrifying. My great granddaughter will not be an axolotl tank.


Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves.

Government of the people, by the people and for the people

The reason we’re in this position is the failed leadership of the Democratic party. The solution is for leftist and liberals of good character to take control the Democratic party and provide good, liberal leadership.

Many people have said they don’t want to join the Democrats preferring instead to advocate the creation of a third party. This is a cop out.

First the GPUS has been working to do just that for at least thirty years and have yet to get on the Presidential ballot in all fifty states. This falls under the category of unattainable goals.

Second the Dems already have the infrastructure and a respectable share of the power in all communities in all fifty states. All we need to do is take control of the Democratic party which can be done very easily if we simply show up in larger numbers than the DLC lackeys. Then by majority vote we set the agenda and direct the course of our country.

Third many people have expressed dissatisfaction with the fifty state strategy because last time it was used a bunch of Blue Dogs were elected. That happened because we allowed the DLC Moderate Republicans to lead us. If we take control we will select the people to run for congress, not Rahm Emanuel and Joe Lieberman.

A Call to Action

I want to ask everyone reading this to:

  1. Call their Senators, D or R at the Federal level and tel them to : filibuster Gorsuch, and oppose Trump cabinet selections.
  2. Call their US Congressional representative and them them to : protect Obamacare, protect Medicare and protect Social Security.
  3. Familiarize yourself with your state representatives as well as your City Council. Pay attention to the laws and regs and activities that are going on at your doorstep and start pressuring those legislators to support a liberal agenda, liberal ideas and liberal laws.

If you’re in a red state it’s even more important that you speak out.

We need to do the adult thing, take responsibility for our lives and actively participate in our governance.

No one is going to do it for us. You can see where not doing our job has gotten us.


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One Response to Activism: The Opposition Party

  1. rabbiadar says:

    I agree. We can learn from the GOP: power still bubbles UP from the local in US politics. Getting involved with the party at the local level is the answer to this mess.

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