Want Fries With That, Puzder?

Exciting News From The Trump Campaign!

Exciting News From The Trump Campaign!

When Money magazine features a story called 8 Reasons Andrew Puzder’s Nomination Is A Mess, you might say he’s in trouble.

Here’s what Money says (and they provide detail to back it up) about the nominee to be Labor Secretary:

  • He’s missing his ethics documentation STILL! (“Missing from Puzder’s file is a plan to avoid any financial conflicts of interest, as well as his committee questionnaire, which asks for financial information and personal history.”)
  • He had an undocumented housekeeper, and of course didn’t pay any taxes for this person.
  • He has on-the-record domestic abuse allegations.
  • His employees have filed on-the-record complaint allegations against him
  • He has complained —on the record— about minimum wage workers as being “the worst.”
  • He doesn’t believe the Bureau of Labor Statistics and has called for them to be fired. So how could anyone trust numbers that would come from his tenure?
  • His sexist ads.
  • He’s on the record opposing Trump.

A lot of those list items are not actions (the Molly Ivins Rule) and so would be difficult to litigate in a hearing. Actual on-the-record abuses can be introduced, but the rest is about ideas and with few exceptions opinions are rarely disqualifying.

Given how hardball the Republicans are playing, I doubt that any of these will derail him, not even the undocumented housekeeper. We’ve reached a new low.

We’ve come a long way from hiring undocumented housekeepers being an automatic disqualifying act. It now seems to be a badge of honor. The Republicans would chase Eliza across the ice flows demanding she return to do their laundry.

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  1. Bruce388 says:

    Congressional Republicans are adopting the impeccable moral standards of their President*.


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