Your Kind Cannot Come Here

Deep Thoughts From Tom Cotton

Deep Thoughts From Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton, Iran’s Pen Pal, like Hair Führer, is a Man of Action. And he likes A Strong Man for Strong Times. So of course, he’s pitching in for The Russian Usurper where he can: by screwing up LEGAL immigration.

“Overlooked in Donald Trump’s campaign crusade against illegal immigration was his vow to crack down on legal immigration, too. Now, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a reliable Trump ally, is taking steps to execute that part of the president’s immigration vision — and it could provoke a showdown between two competing ends of the GOP: the working-class populists led by Trump and the establishment Chamber of Commerce wing. The outspoken, 39-year-old Cotton has written the first in what may be a series of bills to revamp the nation’s immigration system. Cotton will start off with legislation being unveiled Tuesday that will dramatically slash the number of immigrants who can obtain green cards and other visas every year.”

Why do I have that funny feeling that white immigrants won’t notice a change?

“With the introduction of this bill, Sen. Cotton has made it clear that he’s stepping not necessarily into the shoes, but onto the platform where Sessions’ shoes have been,” said Roy Beck, the president of NumbersUSA, which calls for less immigration. “This is beyond anything that Sen. Sessions ever did.”


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