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The South Will Rise Again

The South Will Rise Again

No link for obvious reasons:

[T]he League of the South is calling for all able-bodied, traditionalist Southern men to join our organization’s Southern Defense Force for the purpose of helping our State and local magistrates across Dixie combat this growing leftist menace to our historic Christian civilization. As private citizens in a private organization, we will stand ready to protect our own families and friends, our property, and our liberty from leftist chaos. Moreover, we will be ready to assist our local and State authorities in keeping the peace should they find it necessary to “deputize” private citizens for that purpose.

And of course, Michael Hill (President, or KKKommandant for Life, League of the South) gave his pronouncement an appropriately military sounding name: “Directive 02022017.” And just be be on the safe, manly side, he concludes: “Are you ready to be a man among men? Join the League and its Southern Defense Force today!”

Methinks Hill wants to rake in some of that sweet, sweet, Nazi money coming to his arch rival Richard Spencer now that we live in the age of Trump and white nationalists.

All of this would be funny except it’s not. Southern Poverty Law Center has the League of the South on it’s Hatewatch. And just so you know, League of the South doesn’t like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III much because, you know, he touched a negro:

I did not watch any of Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing for the post of Attorney General in the coming Trump administration. I did, however, hear and see a few things second hand on the internet. Among them were 1) a black man testifying on behalf of Sessions; and 2) a photo of Sessions with “civil rights” activist John Lewis crossing the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, presumably on a recent re-enactment of the never-to-be-forgotten events of Bloody Sunday…

…Now, I’ve had several folks tell me that Sessions is just “playing the game” in order to be confirmed. This indeed may be true. But the very fact that he has to play the game at all tells us that the leftist worldview has triumphed and that “conservatism” is really only the shadow of leftism (as Rev. Dabney long ago told us it was).

We will not compromise nor make deals with this new crop of Judeo-Bolsheviks and their gentile lackeys. They have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted. As long as men like Senator Sessions have to kowtow to their globalist ideology, it will be necessary for stronger men (and women) to join The League of the South and put on the proud mantle of Southern nationalism.

Instead of walking arm-in-arm with negro John Lewis across the Edmund Pettus bridge and thus celebrating the demise of our own people, we will be working for a future in which the true South is once again White Man’s Land. A place where our women and children can walk the streets of Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, and Selma without fear for their lives. And all who oppose our defending the lands and civilization given us by our noble forebears should know this: you shall not take our patrimony without a fight. As we are prone to say down here in Alabama, “We Dare Defend Our Rights.” And our people (nation), too.

You might remember them for celebrating the assassination of Lincoln a couple of years ago.

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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. roket says:

    So KKKommandant for Life Michael Hill is working for a future in which the true South is once again White Man’s Land. in Atlanta (51.4% Black/African American; 2014), Memphis (61.3%: 2010), Birmingham (73.4%: 2010) and Selma (80.3%: 2010). Mike prays that Trump has a final solution to his ongoing problem. Don’t be like Mike. Mike’s life will not end well. Probably.

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  2. apacapacas says:

    Neither will America’s, if Sessions is appointed AG.

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    • Jim says:

      The Trump Administration, to the extent it is any kind of coherent Administration is the mad, thrashing death throes of the really racist and xenophobic GOP, which is about 70% of the current party. I think the GOP is headed for extinction but I also think there will also be a lot of casualties until enough Americans finally wake up.


  3. fivemaxx says:

    Take a look at the shot of McConnell shutting Warren down. Behind him Orrin Hatch is using a hankie to pick his nose and then he examines the contents closely. .


  4. paul fredine says:

    i can then only assume he wasn’t overly thrilled with trump’s meeting with black community leaders on the first day of black history month. but i guess it wasn’t worth mentioning, unlike sessions walk with lewis. he apparently didn’t want to appear unpatriotic by criticizing the president.


  5. Bruce388 says:

    Sessions is now hatching a plot to keep Frederick Douglass from voting.


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