Activism: United We Stand, Divided We Fall


Dumb and Dumber: Your Choice

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Don’t feed the trolls.

They’re trying to distract us, dilute our effectiveness, undermine our efforts.

Don’t chase after the manufactured outrage of the day. By cynical and focus on doing the things that will make a difference.

This is chaff, a diversion, an action calculated to get the animal activists jamming the channels of communication on the left with calls to action on a seventh order issue.

Focus on the actions that matter most: filibuster Gorsuch, oppose Trump Cabinet appointments

And I do expect to see some people take offense at my priorities. Getting us to argue amongst ourselves is how they plan to divide us.

From C&L…

USDA APHIS Pulls Access To Essential Animal Welfare Database


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