Updated: Activism: Doing It Right Deserves Recognition

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Give them their cookie guys.


The Senate Dems are doing what we asked them to do. They are opposing DeVoss for Edu Sec.

Call your D Senators with messages of gratitude, support and encouragement.

Then tell them to filibuster Gorsuch.

Call the R’s and tell them to oppose DeVoss and filibuster Gosuch. It won’t accomplish anything, but making them sweat might temper their arrogance.

From Dkos…

Senate Democrats pulling an all-nighter in opposition of Betsy DeVos

It’s Tuesday morning and Senate Democrats continue their marathon session in opposition to today’s confirmation vote for Betsy “Grizzly” DeVos to become the education secretary. You can catch all the action here at C-SPAN2.


Update: DeVoss has a free hand, but we got two (2) R’s to vote against her.

SHAME: Pence Casts Tie-Breaker For Cowardly GOP Senate On DeVos


Remember folks we can’t stop the cabinet appointees. They only need 51 votes, but we can delegitimize them by making them sweat it.

Keep up the good work, Guys. This battle has been lost but the war goes on.

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9 Responses to Updated: Activism: Doing It Right Deserves Recognition

  1. Karla says:

    I stopped by Marco Rubio’s local office this morning. Even calling at 6am gave me a “mailbox full” message. While I was there, the phone was ringing off the hook — and from the side of the conversations I could hear, all 6 calls that came in were against DeVos.
    However, the receptionist’s answer to one caller was, “as far as we’ve been informed, Sen. Rubio still plans to vote to confirm Nominee DeVos.” 😦

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  2. Ali Redford says:

    Sen. Moran was the same. I tried every which way I could to find that one fiber he had (he voted against Medicare Pt. D, way back, and was punished severely in DC, but not by his voters,) but he’s obviously sublimated that forever.

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  3. jo6pac says:

    She wins by 1 and she’ll have some great help taking down Amerikas education system.
    I’m sure you all know her brother is erik prince, right?


  4. moeman says:

    osirisopto, you may already be in the know, so a reminder of another battle;



  5. Hmpf. MCConnell, as craven, cowardly, and idiotic as he is, could count votes and he gave those two a pass on the vote.



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