It’s Working!

Exciting News About the Trump Administration!

Exciting News About the Trump Administration!

One down!

Trump’s Pick For Army Secretary Has Abruptly Withdrawn His Name

Billionaire Vincent Viola, 60, dropped out as the nominee for secretary of the Army on Friday, Military Times reported. Sources also told Bloomberg that Viola was withdrawing.

In a statement to the Military Times, Viola expressed support for Trump, but said that he would have been unable to navigate the nomination process.

Trump tapped Viola to serve as Army secretary in December. Observers then quickly noted that his extensive business ties could potentially create conflicts of interest. Specifically, Viola was trying to sell his stake in Eastern Airlines and acquire a stake in a smaller charter airline that according to the New York Times had millions of dollars government subcontracts,

Dude chose to make money over serving his country.

But here’s the thing: he saw push-back from the Democrats in Congress, and we helped to create, nurute, and support that pushback. Take a bow, Scissorheads. You’re the tops!

And while you are celebrating, have a cup of coffee and support the ACLU.

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  1. purplehead says:

    Have you seen this fund-raising site?



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