Activism: Yet Another Alternative Success for the Trumps: Boycott Works!

The First Shady just got hit where it hurts.

From C&L…

The Boycott Worked: Nordstrom Stops Carrying Ivanka Trump Junk

The Boycott is called #GrabYourWallet, and it goes like this. Fortune Magazine:

Nordstrom (JWN, +3.33%) said on Thursday that it would stop selling Ivanka Trump items this season because of the controversial brand’s performance, a move that follows boycotts by some shoppers who are angered by her father, President Donald Trump, and his White House policies.

United we stand, divided we fall.

The oligarchs greatest weakness is they are in it for themselves, alone. They have no community, and no realtionships that aren’t “marriages of convenience.”

It’s not us against them. It’s us against him and him and him and him and her.

Don’t drop your guard. They fight dirty.


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