Activism: We’re Making History Happen

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H/T Tengrain…

1.5 MILLION Calls per day this week.

Good job. All the liberals and lefties who are doing the phone work deserve a pat on the back.

I think were getting under someones very thin, very orange skin.

From C&L…

Kellyanne Conway Is Very Unhappy Democrats Are Showing A Spine

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway almost burst into tears as she recounted how mean and terrible the Democratic party was being towards Trump’s nominees and agenda on Fox and Friends this morning.

Kilmeade, Doocy and Ainsley were acting like their typical cheer-leading squad for Trump and after Conway complained about the “presumptive negativity” surrounding much of Trump’s moves so far in office, she launched into an epic meltdown.

And now the best aprt…

Good job, Scissorheads. Good job.

This is how success feels. Enjoy it. It gets better.

Lets make it a habit – Phone calls work.

Special message today. Keyword: filibuster Gorsuch

Find your Senators here. Call their local offices, found on their contact page. It’s faster and easier than calling the DC lines.

Consistent polite, professional multiple issue calls today please – “I oppose Trumps Supreme Court and cabinet nominee(s). I expect my Senator to filibuster Gorsuch  and oppose Trump’s cabinet selections. When is the next town hall meeting with the Senator?

Some people are not able to get through to their Senators on the phone.

  • Walking into their local office is an option
  • Calling at odd times like 4:00 AM, VM’s are just as effective as speaking to someone over the phone. Keyword: filibuster Gorsuch and give them your zip code
  • Snailmail
  • Email if that’s the only way, but I ask that you consider this to be a last resort.
  • Signing online petitions make you feel good but are viewed as invalid by the professional politicians.


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9 Responses to Activism: We’re Making History Happen

  1. quakerinabasement says:

    “Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway almost burst into tears”

    Cue Tom Hanks: “Are you crying?”


  2. moeman says:

    Dropping in to say amazing work osirisopto!


    • Osirisopto says:

      Thank you. It’s so hard finding semi appropriate music to go with the republican death march to the sea. I’m glad someone respects my sacrifice.

      Seriously, the congratulations go to every leftist and liberal in the country who is doing their part.

      This truly is a team effort.


  3. My Senators have had such busy switchboards I can’t even get a message to them. I’ve been emailing every day for the past two weeks, and calling to see if there is an opening. Now that I’ve beat the month long viral crud, I intend to join an Indivisible group in Olympia and really act like a chigger in the Orange One’s hide.


  4. Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson have refused to empty their VM backlog, so all their numbers are full up. Plus, Coward Ryan refuses to answer the door when FECKING CONSTITUENTS show up with boxes and boxes of petitions.


    • Osirisopto says:

      Ryan and RoJo refusing to let their constituents speak does not surprise me.

      We need serious subversion tactics to get inside their echo chambers.
      Where are the Yes Men? We need you.


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