Where Does Your Member Stand

Dump Trump

Dump Trump

NPR (Nice Polite Republicans) gives us an interesting tool that shows the public statements of all members of Congress and where they stand on Hair Führer’s Muslim Ban.

I’m not surprised by anything I saw in Washington State or California (for that matter, DiFi is as always… challenged), but if you don’t follow your representative closely you might be surprised at his/her position.

There are a lot of representatives who are not on the record one way or the other. If one of them is yours, you might want to call their offices and try to find out.

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5 Responses to Where Does Your Member Stand

  1. Where does my member stand!?


  2. purplehead says:

    Dick jokes keep this place standing. I didn’t think it necessary to comment on that!


  3. MDavis says:

    There are a couple of dicks amongst our representatives, so the jokes, they just, um, write themselves.


  4. Someone’s on a roll…



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