Have Coffee, Defend America From The Russian Usurper!

It picks you up, while putting you down.

It picks you up, while putting you down.

As regular readers know, I’m all about coffee (as strong, black, and bitter as my soul). My theory being that Dog Almighty gave us coffee on the second morning in Eden and whatnot is as sound theologically as the talking snake, so why not? If Hebbin exists, it is something like a coffee bar and an unlimited tab. But I digress.

So given all that, I cannot think of a better win-win: A Nationwide Coffee Fundraiser For The ACLU:

…So we’re standing with them by organizing a nationwide fundraiser in coffee bars across the country. Next weekend—Friday February 3rd thru Sunday February 5th—we’re partnering with coffee companies throughout the United States to raise funds for the ACLU. You can take part in this fundraiser by patronizing these cafes, or by donating directly to the ACLU Foundation.

And they present a list of participants. And then they updated the list. And updated it again… the point being, there is probably a coffee shop somewhere near you that is participating in the fundraiser for the ACLU.

Quaff me mateys, and quaff again knowing that your delicious coffee is going to help the fight against the Russian Usurper.

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4 Responses to Have Coffee, Defend America From The Russian Usurper!

  1. Pupienus Maximus says:

    Oh goody Dallas! […] Of course, two locations nowhere near me, the third in the oh-so-trendy Bishop Arts district which I try to avoid. Hmmm, there’s a fantastic taco stand in Oak Cliff…

    Also, over martinis two nights ago, the hubby and I simultaneously blurted out “btw, we gave some money to ACLU.” We made ourselves smile.


  2. Pupienus Maximus says:

    I posted about it in the Portland and Dallas reddits. I suggest the rest of you wankers do similar.


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Cool, the independent coffee shop close to work is on the list. These folks do a really great job of ethically sourcing coffee:


    They have been doing heroic work in Yemen:



  4. Oblios_Cap says:

    Heaven might have a coffee bar and an unlimited tab, but it better also have a library and free Wi-Fi.


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