Activism: Phone Calls Work!

DW offers these tips to the process that DiFi goes through regarding calls into her offices. Other Senators are probably doing something similar.

Shorter: Phone calls work.

  • Feinstein gets a sheet every single morning. She loves that call sheet. It has totals for the day, and also cumulative totals per issue.
  • You don’t need to call the office closest to where you live, and you can always call DC. It doesn’t matter where you call – a call to any office will count equally. DC is not “better” than a state office for commenting on legislation because all totals get consolidated into a single call sheet that’s delivered to the Senator each day
  • A VM and live call carries equal weight. Every single morning, each office listens to messages and tallies them with the exact same spreadsheet fields as live calls. The staff never deletes messages without listening to them.
  • Past some threshold, a topic is considered a “high-volume call” and is placed at the top of the call sheet.
  • Email screening works differently and is not necessarily done every day. If it’s urgent you need to be calling in.
  • Multiple messages in the same call are fine, e.g. you can oppose more than one cabinet nomination in the same call.
  • Zip code is really important because the Senator wants to know whether a call is from the Bay area, or L.A., e.g calls from the Central Valley about Obamacare would be noteworthy.

“I thought others might find this useful – an excerpt from the notes taken by members of our Indivisible SF group who met with Feinstein’s staffers this week. Key points for lobbying your elected officials are to CALL (better than email, and nobody cares about your online petition) and tell PERSONAL STORIES that your rep can use as examples from his/her constituents. There are some other pointers as well – all are stuff that the Senator’s staffer told them directly.

Also, for people who ask me why they should bother calling when we live in a safe state – Feinstein has already voted “yes” on Trump cabinet nominees, including the CIA director (Pompeo) who supports torture methods that violate the Constitution.”

SC nomination of the fascist theocrat needs to be a high priority this week folks. We’ll let up on that a bit next week but we need to constantly push it or the DLC/Third Way/Trilateral Commission Democrats will vote with their hearts.

tumblr_m5um9vzuqc1rwnfmeo1_500Again don’t waste you breath on a Republican Senator unless you simply want to harass them. People with R Senators can please make DNC Chair / fifty State Strategy calls.

Find your Senators here. Call their local offices, found on their contact page. It’s faster and easier than calling the DC lines.

Consistent polite, professional multiple issue calls today please – “I oppose Trumps Supreme Court and cabinet nominee(s). I expect my Senator to filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and oppose his cabinet selections. When is the next town hall meeting with the Senator?

Some people are not able to get through to their Senators on the phone.

  • Walking into their local office is an option
  • Calling at odd times like 4:00 AM
  • Snailmail
  • Email if that’s the only way, but I ask that you consider this to be a last resort.
  • Signing online petitions make you feel good but are viewed as invalid by the professional politicians. (More on this tomorrow.)

Keep the pressure on – Phone calls work.


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