And So Who Is Neil Gorsuch?

Liberty kisses Justice

Judge Neil Gorsuch is a judge on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals (which is based in Denver). He was appointed by Chimpy McStagger (so that should be a warning sign right there). He is 49, so if approved will be there for most of our lifetimes.

Gorsuch a radical, Fat Tony-like “originalist.” To originalists, the Constitution is carved in stone.

Originalism is a trope, a pretext for pushing a radical conservative ideas. Most of the rights we need for a secular society are not written in the Constitution (abortion rights, for instance, or marriage equality, or even entire segments of society having voting rights). A lot has changed since 1789.

Last year Gorsuch joined an ACA case, arguing that the lack of an exemption for religious employers made the law unconstitutional. Gorsuch argued that employers should be able to deny access to contraception for their employees, you know, if it bothered your boss’s sincerely held religious beliefs. Because corporations and CEOs are more equal than people? Sure, why not. It probably also bothers them that you are doing the nasty and Un-married, or doing the nasty with a person of a different color.

If Gorsuch is approved, the judiciary could gut equality laws that would allow private business to proudly post their We Don’t Serve Your Kind signs again. (You know, those sincerely held religious beliefs again). And they would allow public servants like Kim Davis the same right. Y’all Qaeda doesn’t need to overturn the marriage equality decision, or Roe, they just need someone like Gorsuch to empower bigots to deny services to the ‘mos and sluts.

All of our rights are hanging by a thread, people, if Pence gets his man. Call your reps, apply pressure. Remember: Merrick Garland. The GOP set the precedent.

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6 Responses to And So Who Is Neil Gorsuch?

  1. Marco says:

    I’ll believe corporations have rights when Texas executes one.

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  2. Marco says:

    I’ll believe corporations have the same rights as people when Texas executes one.

    Sorry for the ooops.


  3. Pupienus Maximus says:

    Those fucking originalists have it completely backwards. They pervert our most sacred Constitution. Scalia could find no right to privacy in it. Bullshit! Perversion! He was looking for the wrong thing. He should have been looking for where in the Constitution the PEOPLE gave the government the right to peer into our bedrooms.

    In America all rights extend from the people. Including the rights assigned to the government. The Constitution is the people granting government the right to do certain things, and the people banning government from doing certain things. If the originalists were true to their own principles, they’d have to reverse themselves on just about every fucking ruling they ever made.


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The whole ‘your employer can determine your contraceptive use’ issue is so crazy… and these people were the ones screaming about the government ‘getting between you and your doctor’.


  5. Nora Daly says:



  6. R mcneilly says:

    My religious belief is any treatment beyond blood letting and leaches is satanic. Heart transplants and vaccines are evil. If you contest gods will and try to live with modern medicine you will go to hell.
    Get rid of all medicine and live or die by gods will./sssssssssss

    Oh medicinal herbs and tantric sex should be vital parts of a health care plan under ACA./F
    /F facicous 😆


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