Activism: Oh, Hell No

I think they’re trolling us. Here’s today’s phone work.

Democrats consider surrendering to Trump on Supreme Court. They must want to destroy their party

Don’t bother your Congressperson on Supreme Court appointment confirmation. That is entirely the work of the most exclusive rich persons club on the planet – the US Senate.

Find your Senators here. Call their local offices, found on their contact page. It’s faster and easier than calling the DC lines.

Consistent polite, professional single issue calls today please – “I oppose Trumps Supreme Court nominee(s) and I expect my Senator to do so as well. Thanks! Talk to you tomorrow.”

FYI if you can learn the interns name and remember it for the next time they answer you’ll really make an impression.

Here’s some quiet music for when your on hold…

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8 Responses to Activism: Oh, Hell No

  1. tengrain says:

    Thank you, O!

    We need to give the Dims a spine. This is getting embarassing.




  2. simplelittleelectrician says:

    Got through to Sen. Amy Klobuchar locally and to Sen. Al Franken’s DC office. I’ll be trying the other two until I get through, goddammit!

    BTW, Osirisopto, thanks for all you’re doing!

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  3. Karla says:

    I read on KOS others who are having trouble getting through on the DC lines — voicemail boxes are full.
    I just called Sen Bill Nelson’s local office. Main line had recording that the line was not in service; fax and toll-free line gave fast busy. I called the DC office, and recorded voice said “thx for calling Sen. Nelson. All lines are busy. You can leave a message” and when I tried to do that, VM box is full.
    I hate to be paranoid, but are the Repubs messing with the senate phones too?


    • osirisopto says:

      Possible that they’re practicing the time honored technique of hiding under the covers until the monsters are gone.

      Or just slammed.

      Call at 04:00 like I do?

      Any chance you could walk into a local office?
      Snail mail is good
      Email is less good, but any port in a storm.


  4. moeman says:

    Off topic but …


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