Go Read Spocko’s Brain

Going where no president has gone before.

Going where no president has gone before.

The much-esteemed Spocko’s Brain has a really great post up: Weaseling Out of Things Is A Core Trump Skill that everyone should read.

I’ll wait here until you return.

The other day I highlighted this tweet that I thought was very perceptive and plays well with Spock’s thesis:

I think we need some dogged journalists to go around Trump and get into his record. For instance, Andrew Kaczynski went into the way-back machine and found this:

(CNN)In a series of interviews in March of 2014, Donald Trump singled out Russia as the United States’ “biggest problem” and greatest geopolitical foe.

Trump’s comments more than two years ago, which came in the wake of Russian incursions into Crimea, offer a sharp contrast to the Russia-friendly rhetoric he has employed since launching his presidential campaign.

So, what happened between now and then? That’s where we need to focus. His team are experts at Gish-Calloping, so we need to throw everything at them, salad-shooter style. Spocko’s right: you have to have multiple lines going all at once.

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  1. Spocko says:

    Thanks! I have a part two coming. On how Trump would handle a PeeGate Video. He can weasel out of it.

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  2. Ellis Weiner says:

    Q. for both of you: Whom would we be trying to appeal to, to prove something to, with such stories? The public? Congress? T’s own Justice Department? Uncorrupted Republicans? (Are there any?) I mean that literally. During Watergate, journalists revealed the truth, and Dems were empowered and Republicans were shamed into taking steps. Is the threat of being voted out in 2018 enough to prod Republicans to acknowledge Trump’s corruption, or are they so in hock to him politically and morally that they’ll obstruct and deny? I’m prepared to believe either answer.


    • Spocko says:

      That’s a good question and one that I actually deal with in part two. It’s part of the reason for multiple story lines. The reason is you need multiple methods because you can’t be sure which one will work AND they often work together.

      Here’s another part of the issue that’s about story lines. What would piss a liberal off is different from what would piss off his base. What would piss off major big money players is different than what would piss off the general public. What would piss off Putin would differ from what would piss off Nato.

      That means if you want to piss off the Insurance Companies you look for a story that shows them that Trump is going to repeal Obama care RIGHT NOW. A quick repeal and replace, with something that upsets their projections of earnings over the next 4 quarters, would make them pick up the phone to Trump.
      (Eg. cut funding for exchanges in 30 days with no replacement so that the costs that are being paid by the states to the Insurance companies dry up)

      What people don’t get is that the Insurance companies have been seriously reassured by the republican congress that the repeal and replace will take place over YEARS and that the money will NOT dry up instantly. ( BTW, this is based on my listening to quarterly earnings results and projections from major insurance companies and talking to insurance industry insiders.)

      You want to do a story that will put pressure on Trump that has consequences? You get some CFOs and CEOs from the Insurance industry to think that Trump is going to cut off the money stream right away. Suddenly you will hear from KellyAnne Conway that “This will take time.” (Which she has said,) and “We are looking at options for new replacement but we need a HHS head first.” delay,delay, delay. Meanwhile the money keeps rolling in from the government to the insurance industry.

      But the democrats will help Trump keep the ACA money coming. That will make them look like they are winning to their constituents and will relieve the insurance industry. The only person who will look like a loser is Trump… SOOO he tarts talking about how this will take time. (Which I hear briefly until the following day when he talks to someone else about how he will look weak if he doesn’t repeal right away)

      So if you want to push Trump to piss someone off, someone who has real power to tell him to NOT stop the money, you go to the insurance company C-Suite. You tell that story to the insurance company investors and C-Suite. That is the story that you push as an financial activist focused on stopping Trump from an instant repeal. NOT stories about the poor sods who will die without health care. (But you want to do BOTH. You pick Trump voters who are dying to push the poor people will die stories for the popular press)

      A big insurance company losing money for massively wealthy individuals is an audience that has power. It is as big or bigger than 1,000,000 marchers in DC. The two reinforce the pressure, but in different ways. So you have stories about people dying from ACA being dismantled. This plays to the public. AND you have stories about how the ACA instant repeal would kill the stability of the health insurance stock and the entire healthcare industry. Institutional investors and C-suites of the industry will start making calls to Trump personally. Trump will take those calls and start talking about how “We need time to Fix the disaster of ACA that was created by the Democrats.” (BTW, this was Paul Ryan’s speech subject last week.)
      Those are just TWO storylines for TWO audiences. They reinforce others as well.
      Then you want to look for a storyline about laws that will be broken about failure to provide ACA. Things that can NOT be changed by an executive order of Trump. You get those stories into the legal and medical vertical press first. then they trickle up to the financial and Business press who report on possible lawsuits that will impact the story or the supply of health care. That is a third story line.

      Is someone ripping off the insurance industry? Someone from a provider of services ( like a shady clinic or doctor group that is defrauding the insurance company or Medicare? That is a fraud story that a DOJ might investigate on behalf of the insurance company (NOT THE PEOPLE) That that is a story for the CNBC, FoxBusiness, Bloomberg the WSJ and the Financial Times.

      You want to do a story about how Obama care is helping people for the liberal media. But you want to do a story about how ObamaCare is making MONEY for the insurance industry and to kill it will hurt the INSURANCE industry for the WSJ and the Economist which are read by real powerful people. If you want to get Trump pissed off you figure out what TV shows he watches and who’s Tweets he reads. Then he starts tweeting about how he will repeal ObamaCare Right away. And the cycle starts over.

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      • tengrain says:

        Folks –

        There’s a certain amount of easy activism that Spocko is pointing out to us, too. You don’t have to be the writers of these stories, but you have to be the readers of them. And at the end of almost every story there is the equivalnt of our Thumbs-Up button. Get those stories trending.

        Post them to Facebook and Twitter. Promote them, help them trend.

        My composition teachers always told us to know who your audience is (as well as to know who the story is really about) and sometimes it’s not obvious. But if you do decide to follow Spocko’s advice (and I think it is sound), and if you are blogging (and I suspect the second Golden Age of citizen journalists is upon us; it takes a good villain), connect the dots. Get the CEO and the Representative to pick up the phone and yell at Trump.



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  3. osirisopto says:

    As Ellis Weiner says, who are we supposed to be revealing this stuff too?

    Trump is a walking, talking 13 year old Id. If being accused of/caught raping a 13 year old didn’t put him down, nothing will. He gets a boner from pissing on people and his followers get one from pissing people off. Nothing we can do will so much as slow the Russian Puppet, Trump down, let alone stop him. He’s not going to stop at stealing the things that aren’t nailed down. He’ll steal the nails and the boards their driven into and sell them back to us as trendy reclaimed lumber.

    Don’t get me wrong, his actions and atrocities should be held up for all the people to see, but that’s for historical context. For us, in our day to day lives it’s not going to impact anything. The republicans will not, repeat Will! Not! censure, censor or impeach him no matter what.

    The press, the freelance journalist, the bloggers should keep the pressure on, should keep holding the mirror up, but in my opinion we need to act on the legislative level.

    We can’t touch Trump. We can influence our legislators and that’s where our strength lies. Congress is where our opportunity to save ourselves can be found. We, the people of the United States need to speak out and take our congressional representatives to account for their actions.

    Trump is going to be history in four or at most eight years, He’s going to steak the silverware and trash the place on his way out and he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone says, thinks or does.
    The career politicians who are going to be around for the next twenty, thirty or fifty years are who who we should be trying to influence.



    • Spocko says:

      I hear what you are saying. See my note above. One of the things to observer is who Trump actually listens to. What is the leverage that makes him do something or NOT do something? So if you want to piss him off you don’t talk about poor people dying. You talk about how he looks fat on TV.
      The idea here is to figure out what kind of story will cause him to piss off people whose opinion he cares about.

      He gets away with things normal people don’t. Look at who’s opinion he cares about. How will he disappoint them? Then make those stories real.


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