UPDATED: The Death of the Media, Again, Cont.

Presented without comment:

Mr. Dowd’s bio on Twitter states (emphasis mine): “Pop to 4 kids. Proud Independent. Chief Political Analyst, ABC News; Founder ListenTo.Us, country over party , based in Texas. like me. ”

OBVIOUS UPDATE 1: Matthew Dowd has deleted his original tweet about the uppity Kenyan. I wonner why?

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7 Responses to UPDATED: The Death of the Media, Again, Cont.

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    They know that it is imperative that they establish a “both sides do it” argument in the arrogant and obnoxious category before the inauguration. They do know their Russian Usurper well. False equivalencies are no concern to them.

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  2. laura says:

    Has “pop to 4” opined on the Rolling Reichspartitag one wonders.
    Nope. One doesn’t need to wonder, he’s sure to find that both humble and leadershiply.
    Also, too, arrogant and obnoxious seems a bit wordy when his first choice was uppity.

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  3. roket says:

    Matthew Dowd is stupid. If President Obama wanted to be arrogant and obnoxious he’d give his farewell speech at Trump Tower.

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    • C Montgomery Burns says:

      Then we could hear, I mean read Trump’s arrogant twats about much he over charged the the illegal who lived the house that white people didn’t built during George Washington’s term.

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  4. 2 bad no 1 remembers ike’s farewell speech about the military industrial congressional complex

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  5. Reamus says:

    Mr. Dowd is an idiot. Buy him a short history of ” Presidents who have given Farewell Addresses”
    Then have him try to count backwards…Asshat.

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  6. Bruce388 says:

    Oh, Matt, get ready for “obnoxious.”


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