Burlington Electric: The Horse’s Head in the Bed

For everyone who is now saying that the laptop that was hacked at the Burlington Electric is a fake news because it was not actually controlling any part of the grid, I present the Russian’s motivation:

The Russians were shooting across our bow. They want us to know what their capabilities are. Leaving easily identified malware code behind is like the Pink Panther leaving the embroidered glove, or the Mafia leaving the race horse’s head in the bed.

This is serious.

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2 Responses to Burlington Electric: The Horse’s Head in the Bed

  1. osirisopto says:

    So they found a ticking time bomb with Putin’s fingerprints all over it. What will the Russian Puppet, Trump say about this? That it was some guy in his basement?

    That guy in his basement Trump want’s us to believe is the cause sure is busy, and smart. Compared to him Bin Laden was a poser.

    Should we expect the ransom note before the disaster, or afterwards?

    Disabling our electrical grid would stop the entire country in it’s tracks in less time than it would take to read this sentence. Anyone who has had a hard drive crash, a virus or voltage spike can imagine the trouble this would cause x300,000,000.

    If it were me I’d send the ransom note after the first attack. People wouldn’t be able to write the checks fast enough.



    • tengrain says:

      Glenn Greenwald is Russia’s apologist. I get it that he stumbled upon the story of the Century, and to some degree he is trying to protect his meal ticket (Mr. Snowden), but he’s absolutely compromised his integrity.

      That story was bullshit.




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