And Now, A Music Interlude

I would so not climb
In the bath
With a cat
‘Grain don’t do it
Like that.
Like that.
Like that.
‘Grain don’t do it like that.

(Add your own stanzas in the comments!)

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3 Responses to And Now, A Music Interlude

  1. Nora Daly says:

    Hope he’s wearing a cup!


  2. E.A. Blair says:

    If that cat were declawed
    In the bath
    I just might
    Just might do it
    Like that.
    Like that.
    Like that.
    Just might do it like that.

    My late (1995-2012) cat Kveldulf loved water. He used to sit in the back of the tub when I showered. When I took baths, he used to perch on the edge of the tub and dabble in the water, occasionally slipping and falling in (but he was declawed). When the tub was draining, he used to jump in and chase all thole little floaty bits as they swirled down the drain. When the bathtub was not in use, I left a couple of ping pong balls in it. Kveldulf used to lie in the drain end and bat the balls around, and, of course, they always rolled back to him. Kveldulf was my wife’s cat, and he outlived her by thirteen years. I miss them both.

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  3. our current cat dinah has only received one bath at our hands

    she and her brother came to our door as small kittens, mewing piteously on a winter’s evening

    we opened the door and they rushed right in to the kitchen and ate the food from our first cat’s bowl – he was freaked out and angrily/anxiously complaining in the living room

    when they finished eating they went directly to the litter box and used it

    they were rather dirty and we decided to bathe them, which we did in the bathroom sink

    she has been with us ever since – nearly twenty years

    now she is very frail and has blood in her urine – it seems her earthly troubles will soon be over

    as the buddha’s 5 contemplations point out, no one escapes
    separation from the persons and things one loves, and
    the consequences of one’s good and evil actions

    may peace be with us all

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