News That Will Drive You To Drink

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Jeebus weeps

Jeebus weeps

Let’s listen in as noted SPLC hate group Family Research Council President-for-Life Tony Perkins urges Hair Führer Donald Trump to do an anti-LGBTQ pogram in the State Department:

What does the State Department have to do with abortion and sexual behavior-based policies? Unfortunately, a whole lot. Over the last eight years, the State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry has elevated the promotion of the Left’s view of human sexuality and abortion “rights” to the detriment of fundamental human rights like religious freedom…

…To carry out this extreme agenda, the Obama administration has systematically filled the ranks of State with LGBTQ and abortion activists. Unless the next secretary of state is willing to resist and remove this embedded agenda, the promotion and protection of true human rights, like religious liberty, will continue to languish…

…The incoming administration needs to make clear that these liberal policies will be reversed and the “activists” within the State Department promoting them will be ferreted out and will be replaced by conservatives who will ensure the State Department focuses on true international human rights like religious liberty which is under unprecedented assault.

Ferreted out is such ugly language for a man of God like Perkins, smudge-pot to the heretic burners that he is. I suppose Trump could make room in the boxcars deporting the messicans and the mooselimbs outta the country for the ‘mos and the friends of Dorothy, but I’m sure Perkins has an Ultimate Solution in mind. One faintly recalls that when Perkins ran for office that he used to speak to the KKK, and *might* have been a member.

And we note for the record that if Perkins is worried about the unprecedented assault upon religious liberty, he could focus his attention on Hair Führer’s BFF dreamboat Vladimer Putin, who has outlawed evangelism in Russia and backs the attacks on Protestants in the Ukraine (which of course he has not invaded. No sirreebob!)

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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    We have to get over this ‘what will Trump do’ crap.
    He doesn’t care about anyone’s issue, problems, public policy or health care or work safety, proper protocol and detente or religious bull shit.
    His one and only issue, the thing that consumes him night and day is his own desire and need for the acquisition of money.

    Too bad he doesn’t know how to keep it.


  2. roket says:

    Please note, religious liberty only applies to evangelical christians.

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  3. tengrain says:

    All freedoms only apply to evangelical xristians. Everyone else is second class, if not second rate.




  4. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Too soon?

    I guess I should insult Christmas first.


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