In Case You Were Wondering About Those Online Polls… UPDATED

…showing that Hair Furer Donald Trump won the debate last night, Trump Dancedon’t worry. Trump’s orcs, mouth-breathers, toadies and minions little hands were busier than a 13-year old boy with his older brother’s box of Playboys (only guessing, of course):

Be careful: 4Chan is the source of many of Lenny/Squiggy/Udsay/Qudsay Trumps’s racist memes. It seems to be Stormfront: The Next Generation.

UPDATE1: In the comments, Spocko alerts us to fraud, and then like magic: BOOM!

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7 Responses to In Case You Were Wondering About Those Online Polls… UPDATED

  1. spocko says:

    Another thing about those polls. Bots. Lots and lots of bots. How do you make #Trumpwon trend?
    Have your 5 buddies who control 9 million bots comment on it.
    I wrote about this last night On #debatenight your tweet matters.


    • tengrain says:

      Thanks Spocko! That’s a good point. There isn’t a day on Twitter where I do not get a “busty gal” asking me if I want to buy followers.




      • spocko says:

        UR welcome! Are there any hot singles in your area? Because there are in mine!
        I’ve been trying to get the “serious media” to comment on this, but their knowledge of how bots manipulate Social media (and their quoted results) isn’t strong. The domain knowledge people don’t want to do “politics” and when they do, they do the “Both sides do it.” But the real issue is how this manipulation skews what passes for democracy and “the voice of the people” these days.

        I’m sending out tweets like these.
        .@briankrebs @KimZetter Pls write about cyber security knowledge of DT v. HRC. @WIRED has @JustinMcConney for DT @LindaMooreDC for HRC

        Deaf ears. (Hm.. Maybe if I buy a couple a million followers they will take me seriously. 🙂


  2. HenryWallace says:

    Trump won the debate in the same way that Atlas Shrugged is the greatest novel of the 20th Century.

    Or for that matter in the same way Bill O’Reilly is a renowned historian…..

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I’m surprised that Trump’s ‘400 pound hacker sitting on his bed’ line didn’t hurt him with the Cartoon Frog Crowd.


  4. moeman says:

    Pre-debate tRump;


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