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Building A Better Theocrat

Building A Better Theocrat

Hey guys, this is so exciting! The Values Voter Summit was such a smash success that the KKK’s favorite once-upon-a-time candidate Tony Perkins is taking their act on the road! Take it away, Tony Perkins!

Family Research Council Action and Concerned Women for America have embarked on a 20-state nationwide Values Bus Tour aimed at educating voters about the importance of the 2016 presidential election and the impact it will have on religious freedom, parental rights, national security, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

“If we, as values voters, do not stand up and exercise our freedoms now, we may lose them tomorrow,” FRC President Tony Perkins said as the tour began last week in Omaha, Nebraska.

“We have political choices in this election that will either allow Americans to regain the freedoms that have eroded under the Obama administration or make it even more difficult for Americans to live their lives according to their beliefs. This is not a time to stand on the sidelines,” he added.

So… whatcha gonna talk about, Tony?

At the start of the Values Bus Tour, Perkins said American families “want leaders who reflect their values,” adding that his organization will be supporting candidates who meet conservative core principles.

Wait a minute, you are not going on the Twenty states bus tour? Well, then, who is?

Other major conservative voices, such as Jason and David Benham, two brothers who have been speaking out in favor of traditional marriage and pro-life issues, backed the Values Bus Tour campaign, and in an op-ed for WND warned that the Church in America must “bring clarity to the chaos.”

Oh, the Frosted Tips Twins! Oh, wait a minute they’re not on the bus, either?

So is this just for the rubes, the easy marks to practice for being raptured? Stuck on a bus with other fetus-fondling god-botherers while you guys grift them to do your bidding in Possum Hollar and Bugfuck while you continue to shake down donors in DC and keep up media appearances?


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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You to Drink

  1. FWIW, I found a very compelling alternative to the stupid wing nut cruises being constantly offered up.


  2. RWW says:

    The only bus Perkins or the Benham Bros have any interest in riding is the Bait Bus.


  3. The Match says:

    Looking at the schedule, I see 95 events in North Carolina, out of a total of 115 events scheduled. I also count 14 states, not 20. interesting…


  4. MDavis says:

    It’s the Re-Education Camp-ing Tour!


  5. Bruce388 says:

    I can think of one right that Obama took away: Financial advisors now have to have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients; they have to act in their clients’ best interests. As soon as a Republican gets in the White House, that goes away.

    One of the ways Republicans show what side they’re on.


  6. roket says:

    Will be sacrifices thrown under the Values Bus?


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